Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mancat Monday

It's me, Woody, hosting Mancat Monday.  I am a quiet kinda guy and get lost in the crowd so Mom is letting me do the blog today.  I hope everybody is OK after all the wild weather this week - earthquakes and hurricanes!  Wow!

I will share some things about me - my sister Tabitha is my bestest friend and we do everything together.

We snuggle....

and watch bird/bunny/chipmunk/pony and goat TV!

We play with each other and then snuggle some more! Life is great with a best friend. Who is your best friend?

Did you know tabbies come in more than 40 color varieties - brown, black, blue, red, orange and even cinnamon and chestnut.  So-called red cats are really red tabbies with minimal contrast between the base color and tabby markings.  If you look at them real close you will see faint tabby stripes!

Mom is posting lots of new items for sale on her Wildcat Woods Vintage Treasures blog - check it out for great deals for gifts and more.

Friday, August 26, 2011

We are Back (sort of)

Me, Chica after getting sub c fluids - I look like I have no neck!
Mom got the old computer back but it cost a lot of money - there were 3 viruses in all three hard drives - don't ask why we have so many hard drives????  We still may need a new computer but this one will do for now.  Mom still has to put some programs back on to the computer so we can post pics etc.  This is an old photo already in the files.

We missed so much - Beignet and Miss Peach ran off to the Bridge, a special hatting day for Judi...we have to catch up.

We are not in the path of the hurricane coming but so many of our blogger friends and others are - sending lots of protective light and energy that they will be safe.

We will be up and rolling for sure next week.  Mom is off for three days after today and get get our computer set up and ready to go.

Have a good weekend, be safe and see ya next week.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Computer Crashed

Just letting everyone know that our computer crashed on Saturday Aug. 20  and we may be off line for a few more days (hopefully).  We have to use the library computer but they only let you have it for 55 minutes a day!

We are all fine - Chica is doing very well these days.  Mom will post as soon as she gets the 'puter back!!!!

See ya soon!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friends Friday with Luna

We were very delighted to find out our friend Luna from We Love Luna made these lovely collages of us.  They are very sweet to do this.  They did these when Chica was very sick a couple of weeks ago and made Mom smile - which is good.

If you have not been to visit Luna's blog, you should.  Her family lived in Brazil and moved to Luxembourg with Luna in tow.  Luna is an eight year old Snowshoe cat with amazing blue eyes.  She lives with her mom and dad Cezar and Leia and also has a bean sister and brother. 

Beautiful Luna.

Thank you, Luna for being our friend!  We will leave you with this song "Thank you for being a friend" from The Golden Girls - sure to make you smile!  If you can't see it below then go here.  Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug 17 is National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Ivy, our FIV 12 year old cat.  She is rust colored along with black.

All of us black cats of Wildcat Woods are hosting today.  Today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day - to honor these lovely house panthers and  raise awareness that black cats (and dogs) are the last to get adopted and the first to be euthanized in most shelters across the US.

The reasons are many - they don't photograph well indoors, don't show up well in cages, and have superstitions concerning them dating to medieval ages. We need to tell people how great black cats (and dogs) are!

Black cats have a long history. They were probably the first color variety to arise from the ancestral tabby.  The black mutation  is thought to have originated in the eastern Mediterranean and the cats then spread by Phoenician traders.  Today the highest concentration of black cats are found in Britain, northwest Africa, the Mediterranean, Rome and Florence.

Minnie, shiny black with a sprinkling of white hairs on her neck.

We have some great reasons everyone should adopt a black cat:

Black goes with everything!  If your car seats are black, our hairs won't show.  The same goes for your suits and dresses.

Plus sized Mamacita who is all black.

You can find us easily  in the snow! 

Mamacita's daughter Rosa

Black goes with every decor - we will make your home look elegant and in style.

Tiny Sweetpea at 5 lbs with a white locket.

In some countries, like the UK, a black cat crossing your path means good luck.  Winston Churchill owned a black cat named Nelson.

Some experts think the mutation that caused the color black also make black cats less aggressive, less timid and more laid back than their striped tabby mates.

So pass this on to enlighten others about the greatness of black cats!  And please adopt them - you will literally be saving their lives.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Urgent - Please Help Sammy, Andy and Shelly!

An auction has been set up to raise money for Sammy, Andy and Shelly.  A family member has lost their job and they don't have enough to cover their rent next month, never mind to move.  You can donate a few dollars at their blog Sammy Andy and Shelly or see if any of the great items up for auction catch your fancy!

The auction is at Helping Your Needy Friends blog.  If you have any items to donate to the auction, contact ML at Cat Blogosphere or Marg at Marg's Pets.  Every little bit helps so pass this on to all your friends on Twitter, Facebook and on other blogs!!!!  We will also donate the rest of our Chip-in for Chica's vet bills to Sammy, Andy and Shelly - they need help more than us right now.  Let's make this happen - we only have two weeks to do it!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thankful Thursday

We want to thank everyone for all your support concerning our lovely Chica.  She is doing so much better - Mom feels bad that she may have had a UTI for a while and we did not see any signs.  Chica is playing and acting very much like her old self.

Mom is a Reiki Master and knows of groups online that do energy healing along with other types of healings.  If anyone knows a person or animal that needs help you can go to this group - The Distant Healing Network.  Mom used to volunteer for them and they do great work.  You can also just let Mom know and she will pass the word on to the healing groups plus add to her own list.  Putting all types of good positive vibes out there can help in any situation!

We would like to focus on our friends Sammy and Andy who need our help desperately right now.  They are having financial issues and need lots of green papers to help them thru this.  They are having an auction - donate or buy something and then pass the word on so others will know about the auction. The auction will begin on Friday August 12 at Furiends in Need blog. You can make a donation now at their blog - Sammy, Andy's and Shelly's Place.  Their mom Judi does fabulous work with Photoshop and can create a new look for your blog for a donation.

We can all make a huge difference in each other's lives by helping any way we can.  Chica is a testament to that!  Thank you all for all you do.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy World Cat Day

Happy World Cat Day to all our kitty loving friends out in blog land.  We are celbrating today by featuring tortoiseshell cats with me Chica hosting. I had a very rough week but I am doing so much better. Thank you all for helping to pull me thru with purrs, prayers and donations.  This is Mom's favortie picture of  me taken a couple of years back.  I think it shows off my tortieness very well.

Some cool things about torties:

Poet Edgar Allen Poe wrote about cats as sinister in his poems but adored his cat Catarina who was a tortoiseshell.  She was the inspiration for his story The Black Cat.

Most people think that all torties are female but  actually one in 3,00 is a male. But male torties are not true males - tortie coloring requires two X (female) chromosomes and males have one X and one Y.  Tortie males owe their coloring to a genetic mistake such as an extra Y chromosome and are usually sterile.

Mom just found out recently that in animal shelters torties are next to the last to get adopted and black cats the very last.  Who would not want a tortie?

Those of you that have torties know they can be diva cats with attitude.  But we are also impish, playful, social and very loyal.  We have Tortitude!

Whatever kind of cat you have - please give them extra love, treats and playtime today.  We are here for such a short time on this Earth - appreciate each moment you have with us!

We will wind up today with this great poem -

by Patrick Reginald Chalmers (first published in Punch magazine, 4 March 1914)

The Tortoiseshell cat
She sits on the mat
As gay as a sunflower, she;
In orange and black you see her blink,
And her waistcoat's white, and her nose is pink
And her eyes are green of the sea.
But all is vanity, all the way;
Twilight's coming and close of day,
And every cat in the twilight's gray,
Every possible cat.


The tortoiseshell cat
She is smooth and fat,
And we call her Josephine,
Because she weareth upon her back
This coat of colors, this raven black,
This red of the tangerine.
But all is vanity, all the way;
Twilight follows the brightest day,
And every cat in the twilight's gray,
Every possible cat.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Chica Checking In...

 Since I am feeling a little bit better, Mom said it was OK that I did the blog post today.  I had a good night last night and sat with Mom while she watched TV and even sat with Pop this morning on the sofa.

I had to go back to the vet today for more sub c fluids.  I am on a tiny bit of pain medication cuz they think I may have mild panrcreatitis along with antibiotics for my UTI.  I don't like taking either but Mom gets it in me.

 I am eating on my own but Mom has to put out 3 different kinds of food on my plate to get me to eat one of them.  Sometimes I take a bit of all three.  I like being spoiled like this but the other cats are jealous and they try to eat all my food before me.

Mom leaves the PTU in the living room with the door off so I can use it as my hidy place.  I like sleeping in here.  I really appreciate all the kind words, purrs, prayers and donations.  Mom spent alot of money having me in the hospital for 3 days in ICU having all kinds of tests done.  I will be going back to the vets this week for more fluids and to check my pee.

Since I am so old, Mom is worried about me still.  Please keep those purrs and prayers coming that I get better and she can stop worrying.  We will be sending lots of our own purrs for the many cats on CB that are not feeling well too.  We appreciate all of you and thank you so much.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chica's Home!

UPDATE - Thurs Am
Chica had a rough night last night with more vomiting foam and crying but we got her pain meds in and she settled down I did have to force feed her.  I called the vet this morning and they had offered her 3 kinds of food each meal and she would eat one but not the same so I did that and she ate on her own this morning.  We will give her a few days to settle in and then we have to take her back to the vet for another blood and urine test next week.  We will just take things one day at a time.  Thank you all for being so supportive.  I am off today and will stop by to visit everyone.  Keep those purrs coming! (Rosa is doing better too.)

I had an out of town doctor appointment this morning and called about Chica as soon as I came home.  I was so excited to be able to go get Chica, I left home without the carrier!  When I went back for it I almost took Minnie with me as she had fallen asleep inside the carrier.  She came out unwillingly and I was off to get my precious Chica.

Chica headed for the litter box with Minnie right behind

Chica will be on antibiotics for 10 days along with a pain med - with sub c fluids twice weekly while she recovers.  Her kidney values are down  from a few days ago which is good. We need to go back next week to check them.  The vet feels like it is mainly a very bad UTI.  Once we are done with the meds, we will see how she feels.  If need be, we may go in for an ultra sound to see if her pancreas is inflamed.

Chica resting while Minnie checks her out.

The vet staff enjoyed her - very perky and vocal today.  She went right for the litter box when we got home and plopped down on the living room floor.  Minnie was there to check her out and I am sure to see if she could still nap in the carrier.  Chica will be tired for a while - this has been quite an ordeal for her.

Thank you all for your purrs, prayers and donations.  Brian's Home and Marg's Pets put up a Chip-in (I posted it on our sidebar) for us to help pay for this hospitalization. Bless you both for this. I am also dealing with Rosa who has a UTI also.  I will be adding more things for sale on my Wildcat Woods Vintage Treasures blog so do check that out regularly.  All donations and sales will go towards care for Chica and the other cats.

I consider myself so fortunate to have such great buddies as you all.  I know this would have been so much harder to go thru without your help. I will be by to visit all of you in the days to come. I will keep everyone updated on Chica's progress.  She is a very spunky tough old lady!

Keep those purrs and prayers coming - Chica is not out of the woods just yet!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Purrs for Chica, Please!

Update 5pm Tuesday
The vet felt that Chica would benefit from another night  getting IV fluids so we can pick her up on Wed.  Her kidney values have come down but they want more of a decrease.  She is alert, loving the attention from the staff and being very feisty.  I would prefer her to be more stable when she came home so I am OK with this - I just don't want to bring her home too soon and then have to bring her back.   I miss her soo much.  It doesn't seem like home without this cat. We will have a special post tomorrow when she comes home!

Tues Afternoon
I visited Chica today and she is doing better - they will check her kidney values later to day to see if she can  come home this afternoon. She was alert early this AM and let the vet pet her.  Chica even swatted at her when she tried to touch her belly.  The vet also thinks she may also have pancreatitis - her belly is still tender.  I may just let them treat it as that and let her come home to regain her strength before going in for an x-ray or ultra sound.  I think it would be too much for her now.  Has anybody had any experience with pancreatitis?

The vet called this morning and it looks like Chica has a very bad bladder infection - her urine tested positive for bacteria so they have her on antibiotics.  Poor baby - I was so worried about her but this would explain the tenderness in her belly area.  I will go visit her later this morning but she may stay the day at the vets.  Keep the purrs coming!

Thank you all for your kind words, purrs and prayers for Chica.  I stopped to visit her late today at the vets and she is doing a bit better - her temp has come up and she was alert and grumpy but has not eaten.  Her tummy is still tender - has anyone had experience  with acute gastritis with chronic renal failure?  I hated to leave her there but obviously the IV fluids were doing her good.  I don't know how this happened so fast - she had fluids three days ago and was herself on Sunday.  We will see how she is in the morning and if her tummy is still hurting.  The next step would be an x-ray or ultra sound but the vet does not want to put her thru this if they don't need to.  I just hope this is related to the CRF and will turn around with fluids. At her age (20) I need to be prepared for any outcome.

I guess I spoke too soon when I said a few days ago that Chica was doing well.  She crashed this morning and I took her to the vet - she was vomiting foam and her belly hurt.

Her temp was low and she was dehydrated.  They did blood work which is normally very hard to do with her but she was feeling so bad it was easy today.  Her BUN and Creatine are high along with amylase.
She will stay at the vet's so they can give her IV fluids and keep an eye on her.  Her temp has already come back up.  They gave her Pepcid for her tummy.  We will see how she is later today but most likely she will stay overnight at the vets.

If she does not respond to this (which I think she will) they will have to do an x-ray to see if there is something in her tummy causing her pain.

We could use lots of purrs and prayers.  I do want her to be around and feeling well for some time to come.  I will keep you posted.



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