Thursday, October 3, 2013

Formerly Feral Friday


This is not about us but a great story about a rescued feral cat!   Back in April, Brian from Brian's Home blog posted about a lovely black cat who had nearly been euthanized not once but twice in a South Carolina shelter.   If you don't recall this post - go here to read about him.

Well long story short, Mom's friend Donna in North Carolina adopted him and it has taken all these long months but he is now letting her pet him and love him up.

He had his own room for the longest time but her other cats could come in if she was there too. Donna made him some hidy places so he would feel safe but that she could reach under and pet him.  At first he only would let her pet him thru the blanket but eventually she could put her hand under the blanket and pet him directly.  Donna knows it takes lots of time, effort, patience and love to win over some cats.

Panther had been adopted out but was living outside again on his own with a group of feral cats when he was found.  He had a microchip and the lady who had originally rescued him was called.  She no longer worked with feral groups but tried hard to find the best home for him. One thing led to another and Brian's peep was involved.

Panther looking out at Spunky!

We are just sooo happy to know that Panther is loved, appreciated and has a forever home indoor only with his Mom Donna and other kitty brothers and sisters.Give a shout out to Brian and all the other bloggers who work tirelessly to help find homes for abandoned dogs and cats!



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