Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thankful for Lots of Things Thursday

Yoko in her blankie.
Yoko here again. This has been a very busy week - Mom finally has two days of on Thurs/Fri!  She is thankful for the week to be over.

Chica double boxed.

Mom is also thankful Chica is OK.  After I went to the vet on Saturday, Chica had to on on Tuesday.  Chica was throwing up and trying to use the litter box and was very constipated.  Mom gave her laxatone and then later some pumpkin.  At her age, Mom was worried about her.  She took her to our regular vet and they gave her fluids for the CRF cuz she was dehydrated.  Chica screams and growls and hisses when they give her fluids but Mom didn't hear much this time.  They tried draping a towel over  her head while doing it and Chica was calm and quiet thru it all. All the effort paid off -  Chica was cleaned out!  Poor Chica - she was also wore out!.  She slept for a while but is doing good now. Mom is still keeping an eye on  her.

I am thankful that I am feeling better and the antibiotics are working.  No more UTI for me.We go back to check my pee this week.

Mellower Al in his tunnel.

The whitster guys outside are all thankful that Al is more mellow and not bullying them all the time.  Mom found a special treat called Composure by Vetri Science that helps to calm kitties.  It has B1 and theanine in it and it works on Al!  Nothing else we've tried has.

And finally we are so thankful to have all of you friends in CB and beyond to offer support, advice and friendship.  You guys rock!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thank You from Yoko

Mom said I could do the post today even tho I am not a Mancat on Monday!  Sorry I look kinda scruffy - I don't groom myself very much anymore and I won't let Mom do it either! I am feeling much better - thank you for all the purrs and prayers for me over the weekend.  Thank you Brian of Brian's Home for telling CB about my trip to the vet. ( You can read that post here.) It made Mom feel better knowing you all were thinking of us.

I get very nervous going to the vet and Pop had to leave me there for a few hours so they could get urine from me.  I did OK but was really glad to see Pop again.  The vet was nice and said I had an infection in my bladder, some arthritis in my hips and maybe a heart murmur!  Mom wants to take me to our regular vet to see what we can do for all this but meanwhile I am on antibiotics.

I am resting a lot but am eating good.  Mom brings me food every few hours so I don't have to get up.  I have been snuggling on the sofa.  My pee is back to normal and I am glad.  I did not like to have to go to the liter box so much.  I will keep everyone updated when I go back to the vet again.

Mom is resting up too - she is in retail and worked all weekend.  She is wore out!  We will be by to thank each of you in person this week.  Thank you all again for caring about me.  We do appreciate your friendship!



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