Friday, December 12, 2014

Santa Kitty Toy Hop: Dec 12-19, 2014

In an effort to inspire pet lovers to help out our the homeless dogs and cats in local shelters during the holiday season, Summer from Sparkle Cat Blog  and her mom have established this week long event .  Bloggers and others are invited to donate toys, treats etc to their favorite shelter, local or otherwise and then write about it.

Winnie's Wish kitty Sienna, a beautifully marked poly dactyl cat needs a home.

Our local shelters get plenty of community support so this week we are focusing on Winnie's Wish , a private shelter (meaning she foots the huge bills herself) run by Chrystal Parker .  You may know her from her blog - Daily Dose of Dogs, (AKA Cats With Your Coffee).  Chrystal, along with her daughters and husband, rescue and foster abandoned animals, many with medical issues, caring for them and nursing them back to health.  It is a never ending job but she loves it and the animals she encounters.

One way you can help out this shelter is to give them something from their Wish List.  This list includes wet and dry cat food, laundry supplies, trash bags, paper towels - all things needed when caring for as many cats at they have.

Or if you are feeling really generous, go to their blog page  Daily Dose of Dogs and click on the donate button and give a gift of money via PayPal.  Being a private feral cat sanctuary ourselves, we know how much every little bit helps.  Even a a few dollars goes a long way for food, litter and medical supplies.

You can also help Winnie's Wish by sharing this page so that many others have the chance to donate in some way to help homeless pets during this season of giving!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Purrs and Prayers for Snowball

Georgie at home

Georgie is home and doing well.  She will now get sub c fluids twice a week. The vet thinks that dehydration caused her constipation.

Snowball with his family

UPDATE - WED AM - The vet took an x-ray before surgery to see what she was dealing with since he had passed something during the night.  She felt that she could manipulate the rest of the mass without surgery and did - it was fur.  A big glob of fur was blocking his intestines.  I still don't know if it is still mega colon or if this was what caused all the problems.  We will take him home today.Thanks so very much for all the purrs and prayers for him.  So glad he did not need the surgery.

Snowball has megacolon and  is still at the vets.  They have tried enemas and manual extraction but he still has a mass in his colon.  If nothing has changed by Tues morning, they will do surgery to remove the fecal mass.  Hopefully if all goes well, he will come home on Wed of this week.

Please rev up your purrs and prayers for him.  He is a very special boy.  All his whitesters  are very upset that he is gone.  They are acting like totally lost without him..  He is their benevolent leader and father figure and they miss him terribly.

Thank you so much - you will never know how much your support means to me.  Your advice, donations, bids on the auction - we would be lost without all of you!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Remembering Joey and Yoko

Snowball here.  This will be a long post cuz we have lots to tell you besides remembering our Angels Joey and Yoko.  Anyone squeamish, should stop now and skip down to the fourth  paragraph!

I have been very constipated and many of you may remember last year I had to be taken to the vets just before we lost Yoko.  Well I guess I am re-enacting that at the same time of year.  Pop noticed me straining at the litter box and luckily with some extra butter, bran and other stuff I was able to go some on my own.  I am still not feeling great but Pop is hopeful we can finish this at home. (UPDATE - will be taking him to the vet at 3pm today.)

Meanwhile inside the house, Georgie has not been feeling well and Mom kinda thought she was constipated too.  Well off to the vet with her since she just got diagnosed with diabetes and she was vomiting too..  They had to leave her there since the enema did not help much.  I know it took two for me to get it all out.  We are still waiting on word from the vet when to go get her. (UPDATE - Georgie is home but not much better - may have to go back to the vet today.)

This would have been a tough weekend anyway  - it is the anniversary of the passing of both Joey and Yoko.  Joey left us for the Bridge on Dec. 7, 2012 and Yoko went on Dec 6, 2013.

We all miss them so very much.  They each had such a unique personality.  Joey was a lover, a snuggle kitty who had to be literally in the middle of everything.  He was everyone's buddy and got along with us all.  He welcomed any new kitty with open paws.


Yoko was more reserved but she had a soft spot for Pop and a few selected other kitties - Joey being one of them.  Towards the end of Joey's last year, they often slept together.  Two sweet tabbies in one bed.  Yoko loved Christmas lights and would love to sit under the tree,  looking at the lights.


It is so sad to have another Christmas without our two wonderful cats here to enjoy it with us.  We know they are watching over us like the angels they are.  We think of you and sending you all our love,  Joey and Yoko.

P.S. The auction for Georgie's Vet Bills will end tonight at midnight so get your final bid in while you can.  Since our beans don't have a credit card, they have to pay with cash or borrow money to pay the vet bills as they come in.  It doesn't leave them much to live on for their expenses.  Our Giveforward  graphic will remain up until the end of this year. We don't mean to get sick but all of us are now senior kitties and things do come up.  Thank you all for all you do for us - sharing, commenting, posting, donating, giving and bidding!



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