Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wordly Wednesday with Sweetpea

I wanted to show you all what I do every morning while I wait for Mom to fill up  our food plates and bring us breakfast!  I like to lay in the floor in the middle of the kitchen and play with the zipper on the jacket over the back of the chair.

Mom is not so happy I do this cuz she has to step over me when she gets our food ready.  I don't know why I like this game so much but I do.  I tug and pull on the zipper and roll over and gets all dusty!  But when the food is ready - I stop and run to my plate before anyone else can get it!

Mom thinkks this is a weird game I play but she lets me do it anyway!  She also said I could fill you in on our lives - been a busy few weeks so we have not posted and Mom has not gone to visit much.

Here goes - Mom was working a lot but then she broke a tooth with an old filling over a weekend.  She had to wait until Tues to get the dentist and then he had to pull it out (ouch) cuz the root was exposed and she was in lots of pain.  After they pulled it she had to take antibiotics and eat mushy foods.

That took up the better part of a week.  Then Pop and Mom had to get our screen room ready for winter by putting plastic up over the outside and add windows so the whitesters could see out.  This room gets nice and warm with the sun on cold days.  They still have an indoor heated room too.  Putting up plastic is a lot of work and takes about two days. 

We will show you our screen room after the plastic is up later.

We will be down in the 30s for the first time this year on Wed night!  We are ready - kerosene for the heater, all our fleece blankies washed and the plants taken inside or covered up if they will be out for a while.  Days will still be in the 60s and 50s for a few more weeks.

Everyone is doing OK!  Yoko is eating well and a bit peppier - whatever she had is gone and she seems to feel better.  Lily is adjusting to being  in the house and the whitesters have gotten over missing her.  I think that is about it for our update.  I hope Mom can get by to visit (she does lurk) but I can't make any promises. She seems to like Facebook as it is easier to comment there than on blogs but she keeps up with you guys. We love you all and will do our best to get Mom to be more regular with the blog!



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