Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Our Lily

Lily here today. What a week and it is still going.  We are very thankful that we as ferals have a forever home and we are able to help a handicapped kitten find new home.  We have a story to share.....

A few days ago while Mom was at work, she got a phone cal from a rescuer in South Carolina.  Someone had contacted her about a kitten, very young, who was not able to walk.  It seems she was found alone in the woods and her back legs did not work.

The kitten who can't walk

She was taken to a vet who did x-rays and saw that her pelvis was missing a piece so there was nothing to move her hip and legs.  She was healthy otherwise and scooted along the floor sliding her back legs.  She sounded like the infamous Dot of Tabby's Place (who recently got adopted).

That was the first place Mom thought of so she contacted John of It's All Good blog to pass this info on to Tabby's Place and then Mom contacted our local no-kill shelter Brother Wolf about taking the kitten.  Before Tabby's Place got back to us and they did, Brother Wolf posted a pic of the sweet kitten and her sad story on their Facebook page and within hours we had several adoption offers!!!!  Mom relayed the info and contacts to the woman who was fostering the kitten We will let you know how this turns out but it seems like this sweet little girl will have a forever home in spite of her handicap.

The rescuer in SC also told her about  Upstate Veterinary Specialists in Greenville that would do a free consult, to look at the x-rays and decide if there is anything they can do for the kitten.  If she has a piece of pelvis, perhaps they can construct the missing section or make some pin to connect it so she can walk a bit.  A bit of hope! Even if she can't, we are purring for a loving forever home for her.

We will keep you posted! Thank you to John for passing on the info to Tabby's Place.  Thank you to Tabby's Place for getting back to us so quickly. And  a HUGE thanks to Brother Wolf for acting so quickly to  post on FB - they rock!

So do get involved in rescuing, transport pets, volunteer at a shelter, foster pets and share posts on Facebook and Twitter  - all these things work to help find homeless pets forever homes!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Attack of the Killer Jeans

 It is me Sweetpea and I keep a close eye on the clothes drying rack at all times.  You never know when some odd piece of clothing will rise up and attack!  They may hang limply on the rack, but I know they are plotting a coup. Sometimes it is Pop's underwear or sox but this time it was Mom's boot cut jeans!

I knew what I needed to do - dig my claws in and kick like a bunny with my back legs.  I will show those insolent jeans to mess with me!  For some reason Mom was not too happy that I saved her from these wild jeans!  I never get the appreciation I deserve.



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