Friday, May 14, 2010

Cookie Monster!

The word for today in Photo Hunt is HALF. Since Minnie has only half of her top front teeth..she is our entry.

I'm Minnie and I have a sweet tooth! You can see it in this picture..I have only one fang left! Mom calls me the cookie monster..

I talk and talk and follow her around until she gives me a treat. After I eat , I must have a cookie!

Yumm, these Temptations are great!

Did I get them all Mom? Are there any more?

Now I will go take a nap..sorry about having my eyes closed...the flashy box makes them squint and becuz I am black nothing comes out if she doesn't use the flashy box.

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Monday, May 10, 2010


Thanks to all of you for helping Yoko celebrate her 17th Gotcha Day over the weekend! We loved all the extra goodies some of you brought with you. Some kitties even brought voles...that was fun and Yoko is busy sleeping it all are the rest of the Wildcat Woods gang!

The winner of the book drawing (via was Lucy from Lucy's Cat Lounge! She gets a copy of the New Natural Cat book that helped our Mom save Yoko when she was a tiny kitten! Congrats Lucy!

Oh yeah..before we forget..on goat TV yesterday a momma goat had a baby right in front of us in our neighbor's pasture! This is the second one we saw like this! Pretty cool and on Mother's Day too.

We will be by to visit you all and thank you for your gifts and attendance at our party! Happy Monday!

P.S. Our cat blog posts are not showing up in Google Reader...does anyone know how to fix this? Some of our followers can't tell if we are doing new posts. Thanks!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and Yoko's 17th Gotcha Day!

We are celebrating Yoko for the entire weekend! Sorry about the fuzzy old photo of her...Mom took a picture of an old picture...but isn't she cute?

In 1993, Pop decided to surprise Mom with a puppy on Mother's Day, May 9 so he took her to the shelter the day before to pick out a puppy. No puppies! Not a one. So Pop was talking to the lady cleaning cages and she handed him a tiny tabby kitten barely 6-7 weeks old. He was smitten! That kitten was Yoko...the rest is history.

Yoko, named for her very distinctive voice, still had her kitten blue eyes when we took her home. She was very curious and lively. We kept her in the bedroom since Chica was not used to other cats. Yoko had something wrong with her..she could not keep any food in her - she either had the runs or threw it up. Mom took her to the vet but they couldn't find anything wrong and told Mom to stop changing foods on her. Mom didn't like that so she found a recipe in Anitra Frazier's book the New Natural Cat for cat mother's milk substitute and fed Yoko that. It worked - she kept it down.

Mom took her to another vet and they found a parasite in her tummy that was causing her to be sick. With the right medication, she was all better. I bet Yoko was glad Mom looked up stuff in her books!

Yoko is a very sweet kitty who loves cream cheese, naps and hidy spots way up high. You never knew where you would find her - on the refrigerator, on the closet shelf or on top of the kitchen cabinets! Now she can't quite get up that high. She still likes to nap in the strangest spots!

She has slowed down a lot, has lost most of her teeth and does like to sleep, well, alot! We love her very much and she is still the best Mother's Day gift Mom could have ever gotten!

Yoko will be pampered all weekend with lots of cream cheese, a special salmon dinner and all the loving she could want! In honor of Yoko, Mom will be giving away a copy of the New Natural Cat book to a lucky winner. So... if you don't already have a copy or would like one, be sure to mention that in your comments! (Canadian bloggers are included but sorry, we can't afford to post overseas.)

We have cake and cupcakes for the beans and treats, tuna flakes and nip for the cats. Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Mother's Day to all the great mother's out there - two-legged and four-legged. We are joining in on Photo Hunt (the word today is MOTHER), Weekend Cat Blogging and Camera Critters and Pet Pride too so be sure to go by and see more fun posts!

Wendy was sweet enough to feature Yoko on her Mother's Day post for the Lol Spot - check it out and thanks Wendy!



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