Thursday, February 4, 2016

Mr. Kitty on Thankful Thursday

Me at the vet

 Mr. Kitty here today and I am very thankful.  Yesterday was exciting for many reasons.  I woke up with a tummy upset - loose poop and throwing up foam. I didn't even feel like eating breakfast - and I love to eat. Mom called the vet and they wanted to see me to check me out.

It was a day of torrential rains and the radio kept warning of flooding all over the county but we didn't see any major problems.  This is our road with the creek running next to it when we came home.

At the vet all my tests came back fine but Dr S didn't like how my breathing sounded. Dr S and M the vet tech took xrays and came back laughing (I didn't think it was funny).  I guess I am very pear shaped - they said my xrays looked like a frog - small up top with a big abdomen. No signs of anything tho.

 That pesky lump on my neck that they had drained a few weeks ago had come back already.  Dr. S. did not like that it felt different - harder than last time.  She said that the lump was pressing on my trachea and was hampering my breathing among other things.  Since I had an empty tummy and she had a spot open for surgery that we should remove it today and that I would feel much better.  After a bit of discussion the beans agreed.  They loved me up, kissed me and left me at the vet for the removal of my lump.

The beans were worried about me cuz I am 17 this year but all went well.  M called a few hours later and said I was ready to go home.  They used gas anesthesia and I woke up really easy - just some yawning and stretching and then I put my paw out for some loving.  The lump was BIG!  A mouse could easily fit inside the dimensions of it.  They even showed it to Pop who came to pick me up. It will be sent off to be analyzed.  They had already sent the fluids from the lump to a lab and it was fine - not cancer.  We will hear next week what it is.  I have quite the scar to show for it but my furrs will cover it up soon.

Last night all I wanted to do was eat!  And I did.  I also got pain meds, antibiotics, anti nausea and anti diarrhea.  So far today I am feeling great - ate well and even went out on the back porch for a bit. Back to my usual self. So grateful to Dr. S and her staff for taking that lump off!

On the porch today.
P.S. Mom here - have not been online much in the past week - have sinusallergy issues with vertigo.  I feel better but using the computer is not easy if I am having a vertigo episode.  I have been trying to go online for short periods with rest in between.  Anyone else have this issue?  What do you take for it?



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