Thursday, September 22, 2011

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week with Al

Al here today to talk about adopting less adoptable pets. I should know something about this cuz I am deaf. Most white blue eyed cats like me are deaf. Or if they have one blue eye and one other color eye - the blue side is deaf. It's a genetic thing. Mom knew that as soon as she set eyes on me, sitting by the road as a tiny kitten. She thinks someone threw me out of a car cuz I was all scratched up and bruised. One look at me and she knew I was deaf.

I am like any other cat but you have to be aware of my special needs. I can't go outdoors - it would be too dangerous since I can't hear cars, dogs and other things that could hurt me. Mom calls me by stomping her foot on the floor - I feel the vibrations. Or she waves to get my attention and tells me to come with hand signals. When I sleep she very gently wakes me up by blowing on my fur. Otherwise I get defensive when I wake up suddenly cuz I can't hear you coming. My Mom is hearing impaired so she understands me.

I do have some problems but they are particular to me. I like to be with my humans but not with other cats. Mom thinks I was taken from my cat mom too soon and never learned how to behave with other cats. I am very smart too and can figure things out easily. When Mom hides treats for me to find, my hearing cat brothers and sisters run all over and don't find them. I sniff the treats out and find them all! More for me I say!

I want to tell you about another less adoptable cat who needs a home or even a foster home. Her name is Cobbie and she is a tiny black and white kitten living at a vet in SC. She has FIV and no one wants her even tho she can live a long healthy life. One of my cat sisters is FIV and is 13 years old - read her story here.

Cobbie must find a place to go soon as the vet can't keep her. He needs room for sick and injured animals and has no place for Cobbie long term. We are trying to save her from being put to sleep so do consider taking her in, helping us find a no-kill shelter or foster home or at least passing the word to others. Isn't she adorable? Leave Mom a comment or email her if you have some ideas!

Cobbie on her bed!

Now it is time for me to get back to my nap! Have a super weekend! And remember - adopt less adoptable pets and you both win!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wild Wednesday - Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week

Sweetpea here today to talk about how great it is to adopt a less adoptable pet.  I am black and feral so I would not have much of a chance of being adopted in a shelter.  People don't like black, black and white and tortoiseshell cats as much as other cats so we get adopted last, if at all.

Mom saw me living outside with the feral group when I was just a kitten, 12 years ago, and worried about me cuz it was winter and we had lots of snow that year.  After one big snowstorm, most of us cats did not come out for days from wherever we were staying warm and when we did show up, Mom was beside herself thinking we had all froze.  She caught me that week and brought me inside.  Good thing she did - I was covered with some sort of skin mange. I was dirty and tiny.  I was also very wild and fought tooth and nail to get away from her and the vet.  They had to tranquilize me to examine me and bathe me.

When I got to my indoor home, I scared the other cats - Chica and Yoko by getting right in their faces  and wanting to do everything they were doing.  I was lonely but they didn't know what to make of me and kept away from me or growled.

It took a few months to get me so I could be handled and petted and got along with other cats but Mom never gave up on me.  She is the queen of taming ferals!  Now I love to sit next to or on Mom and especially Pop.  I will sit next to him on the sofa and just put one paw on him.  I love to snuggle and be loved.  I am still tiny - only 5 pounds but am just chock full of love and fun.  I am so happy Mom took me inside and have had a great life so far!

So please think about opening your home to a black, black and white or tortie cat or even a feral cat like me.  We have so much love to give and just want the chance to be your best buddy!  Go to Petfinders to adopt a less adoptable pet and you will both win!

We know a special cat named Tarzan who lives nearby that needs a loving home - he is a cow cat and is not even a year old but has been in several shelters already.  He is in a foster home now but needs one of his own. Check him out on his page under the header photo above.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Today Be Meow Like a Pirate Day!

Greetin's one and all, we give ye fair warnin' that t' enter here could cost you your life.

Pirate Day 2011

Captain Dirty Joe Bonnie be in a foul mood and a bit rum soaked. His favorite wench has port him and he cannot face t' world just yet. Have ye some words o' advice t' win her aft? Or do you know some other who would care t' join him and become his new lady love?

Best be goin' unless ye want t' join me in a wild splice t' mainbraceen bin'e t' forget me heart ache. Arrrgh!!!!



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