Monday, January 6, 2014

Model Mancat Monday with Only

"Your eyes are the door to your soul and the road to your heart" 

- Luis Lira 

Our Only is our model today  He has the most incredible eyes - doesn't he?  Mom says he should be a lounge singer!

It is bitterly cold in the US this week and many have snow and ice.  You guys take care of your pets but make sure your neighbors cats and dogs have a warm safe place to go.  Mom and her buddy helped a young minister down the road set up an igloo lined with straw to sleep in instead of the small uninsulated home he has.  The young man promised to move Sadie indoors on the worst nights.  They can't afford much but they mean well and love their dog.  Many people are in the same boat.

Another friend has gone to the Bridge - Tiger of Mickey's Musings.   She slipped away at home with her beloved family.  They lost Tillie in Nov. 2013. To many so close together! Please so go by to visit.

Stay safe and warm this week!  Love you guys!



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