Friday, August 26, 2011

We are Back (sort of)

Me, Chica after getting sub c fluids - I look like I have no neck!
Mom got the old computer back but it cost a lot of money - there were 3 viruses in all three hard drives - don't ask why we have so many hard drives????  We still may need a new computer but this one will do for now.  Mom still has to put some programs back on to the computer so we can post pics etc.  This is an old photo already in the files.

We missed so much - Beignet and Miss Peach ran off to the Bridge, a special hatting day for Judi...we have to catch up.

We are not in the path of the hurricane coming but so many of our blogger friends and others are - sending lots of protective light and energy that they will be safe.

We will be up and rolling for sure next week.  Mom is off for three days after today and get get our computer set up and ready to go.

Have a good weekend, be safe and see ya next week.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Computer Crashed

Just letting everyone know that our computer crashed on Saturday Aug. 20  and we may be off line for a few more days (hopefully).  We have to use the library computer but they only let you have it for 55 minutes a day!

We are all fine - Chica is doing very well these days.  Mom will post as soon as she gets the 'puter back!!!!

See ya soon!!!!



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