Thursday, August 6, 2015

Updates on Thankful Thursday

Two Spot

It's me, Two Spot hosting today! Mom is still visiting and thanking all of you who left kind comments for her when Ivy left for the Bridge recently.  Ivy left a huge hole in our house and in our hearts.  Your support and words of comfort help so much.

 Sweetpea went to the vet the same day we lost Ivy.  She is tiny but feisty and had to be sedated to get blood and urine for her tests. She had a UTI and is pre diabetic (maybe).  Since blood glucose goes up under stress, the vet wants to check again after her UTI is resolved to see if she is still running high. Or maybe Mom can do that at home.  Sweetpea is back to her normal self so we think this may be a false alarm.  Let's hope so as she is not a good candidate for insulin shots and blood glucose testing!


Meanwhile Albert, our deaf mancat, is off his food and very lethargic.  Not much else and since it is very hot out we have not taken him in to be checked yet. He will go to see the vet Thursday (today).  He needs a senior check up being 11 this year.  Hopefully all will be OK!  Paws crossed everyone!

Georgie  still has a shaved belly and paw form her last hospital visit.

Georgie has been a little off her food and her blood sugar is waffling again.  With all she has been thru her liver is damaged.  Mom decided to try a holistic vet in another county and took Georgie on Monday this week.  Well worth the 40 minute drive.  Georgie got acupuncture and came home with probiotics, digestive enzymes and vitamin B - all to help her liver heal which will in turn help all the other digestive issues - appetite, constipation and diabetes.  Georgie did really well and Mom liked the vet very much. We had a vet back at our old house that was holistic but have not found anyone here.

A pic of the acupuncture needles in Georgie

We have a lot to be thankful for - living in an area with access to great vet care - holistic and conventional, a new approach to helping Georgie with her diabetes,  new donations to our Paypal account that enable us to take the cats to the vet and  all the dear friends who purr, pray and help Mom thru our ups and downs in caring for all of us senior and special needs cats.

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