Friday, August 29, 2014

Formerly Feral Friday with Ivy

UPDATE Sept 4 - Mom forgot my Gotcha Day!!!  Oh well at least she posted this last week.  Shame on you Mom!  (Mom here - thanks for remembering her special day even tho I forgot.  I usually check the CB calendar each month but didn't get to it for Sept.  Happy Gotcha Day my sweet girl.)

Sorry for no posts until this one this week.  Mom's been working more and not getting things done online!  Today the post is about me - Ivy.  As a formerly feral kitty, I lived outside with the colony for seven years before Mom took me inside. I was pretty wild so she thought it would be best for me to let me live outside.  That was until out head cat Big Guy passed away.  They all the other male cats tried to take over the remains of the colony and the yard.

My buddy Nick was not well so Mom brought him inside before me.  I got to stay out for that last summer and it was fun but scary since I was alone out there.  All that is in the past now that I have been inside for nine years now - holy moly.  How did I get to 16 and have FIV?  Good care I guess.

Some tidbits about me now...

I have no teeth anymore.  Most fell out when I lived outdoors.  When Mom first saw me I had too many teeth and very large ones.  Thank Cod we have no pics of me then.  Mom said my teeth all stuck out of my mouth and I looked real scary.  She thinks it was from inbreeding whatever that is.  Our colony all had funny teeth - missing ones, really large ones, too many, etc.

I like to hang my head off the furniture like Snoopy did on his dog house.  Mom worries 'cuz it looks like I will slide right off but I usually don't.  I think it feels comfy to have my head lower than my body.  Anyone else out there that naps like this?

Me and Angel Joey in front of our heater.  I miss Joey.
I love to be warm!  Laying in the sun feels so good.  In the winter I love to sit right and I mean right in front of the heater when it is on. Mom is worried I will burst into flames 'cuz I get so hot.  So you can see I have lots of personality and love my new indoor digs even tho I lived outside for years.  Us ferals can always be tamed but it can take months for some.  Me ,I am easy!

Our dear friend Sparkle went over the Bridge recently and her family is having a memorial commnetathon for her.  Please stop by!



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