Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thankful Thursday


Snowball here today.  we want to thank you all again for helping us pay off my vet bills. I am doing much better on all canned food and begrudgingly accepting it.  I have even lost a tiny bit of weight.

 Georgie Girl

All us white kitties have been looking good this winter since they are all on my diet.   (Hehehe) Georgie is losing a bit of weight too.  She is a dry food piggy but has adapted to wet food.

Smiling Smidge

Mom has noticed that Smidge has a cute smile when you look at her mouth from the side. 

We have had days warm enough to open the windows in our kitty house for some whiffies!  Spring is coming!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Snoopervising on Tabby Tuesday

Something verrrry interesting is going on outside.  Tabitha and Woody can't tear themselves away from the  window!  What do you think they are watching?

Is it pony TV?

  Bird TV?

  Squirrel TV?

Or goat TV?

Nope!  it is just our neighbor Jack doing his own snoopervising of the critters in the old tree stump.

Thank you all for the bids and donations for Snowball's auction.  We got that paid off pretty much.  Mom is still trying to find a Nancy who won two bids on a pottery bowl and necklace.  Does anyone know a Nancy who blogs or has cats? Let Mom know please - she is stumped as to who she is.



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