Friday, October 28, 2016

Flashback Friday for Halloween

The zombies are coming
said tiny Sweetpea.
The zombies are coming.
They're coming for me!

Oh what shall I do?
Oh where shall I go?
I see one right now,
outside the window!

With a crash and a bang,
she was inside!
I looked here and there
but there was no place to hide!

She  grabbed me tightly 
with her bony claw.
I felt her teeth sink deeply
into my paw.

The zombies are coming
said tiny Sweetpea.
The zombies are coming.
Only this time, it's ME,
Zombie Sweetpea!

Hope you enjoyed this repost from 2012.  We will do our usual Halloween post on Monday for sure! Keep your black cats indoors this weekend - not safe out with all the shenanigans going one for the holiday!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Getting Ready for Halloween


 Callie here today -You guys know how much Mom loves Halloween!  We are helping her get ready by wearing our special Halloween themed bandanas by Jodi, our IG friend.  Each one is reversible and attaches to your collar.  We don't wear collars so Mom used a ribbon.

Only models the other side of mine - spooky black with spider webs

Mr Kitty

The shop is BellaLovesAlex and features hand made kitty bandanas and bow ties for all seasons and holidays. They are purrfectly made and easy to wear.  If you are too late for this Halloween, then check out her fall and Christmas ones. Anything from this shop would make wonderful gifts fr your family and friends. Follow BellaLovesAlex on Instagram @bellalovesalex or on Facebook 

Jodi's cat Gizmo from her Etsy page with her orange bow tie.

(Mom didn't get anything for writing this - she just likes Jodi's hand made items for cats. Mom only buys American hand made!)

Tabitha wears the flip side of Mr Kitty's bandana

Mom also put up some Halloween decor at the base of our driveway.  A scary witch with a gravestone, with pumpkins and mums.Have you put any Halloween decorations up at your house?  

Our cat shelter is in the  left corner

We will be back with a special Halloween post with us in new never before seen costumes.  Before that we will remember our dear Minnie who left us last year on Oct. 29.  My Gotcha Day and Snowball's comes up right after Halloween so we should be online quite a bit for a while! Hope to see you all then!!

P.S. An update on us.  Normie was at the vet's twice this month for constipation.  It turns out the culprit was his Greenie dental treats.  Don't use those. We threw ours away. Then Sweetpea had a sore paw - her dew claw had grown in again so they had to cut all the claws way back.  We will have to keep an eye on her claws. She is doing well on her herbal thyroid and kidney meds.



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