Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

A long time ago in the early 90's with Chica and Yoko.

We are very lucky to have a great Pop who loves us, feeds us and even cleans the litter boxes. He had cats even before us - White Kitty and Yellow Kitty.  Not very imaginative names but he loved them just the same.

Thank you Pop for letting Mom take all of us in and even move with us to a new town.  We appreciate all that you do for us.  Mom is taking him on a Garden Tour of one of the historic neighborhoods in Asheville - he loves stuff like that.  What are you doing for your Dad today?

Pop loving on Sweetpea and Yoko

Now for some fun trivia about Father's Day - did you know.....
Father's Day originated in America. The first Father's Day celebration (unofficial) was held in Spokane, Washington, on 19th June 1910

Pop shares the office chair with Darby.

The person credited for inventing the concept of Father's Day is Mrs. Sonora Smart Dodd, of Spokane WA,  whose father had raised his six children single-handedly.

It was in the year 1966 that President Lyndon Johnson signed a presidential proclamation that resulted in the declaration of the third Sunday of June as Father's Day.

The declaration of 3rd Sunday of June as Father's Day was signed as a law, and made permanent, by President Richard Nixon, in the year 1972.  

Two Spot getting a snuggle.

In most of the countries around the world, like USA, UK, India, Canada, China, France, Greece, Japan and even Hong Kong, Father's Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June. 

Roses are the official flower for Father's Day. A red rose is worn in the lapel if your father is living, a white rose if he is deceased. 

P.S. Mom did a tribute to Grandpop (her Dad) on her other blog. Go here to read it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Kitty Transport - SC to KY!

Loaded up and ready to go!

As we promised - pics from the transport Mom and Pop did yesterday. It was set up by Dorian who writes Your Daily Cute blog.  These 8 cats - one grey momma cat and her four black kittens plus 3 orphan kittens (two black and one tabby) were pulled from a shelter in SC and transported up to Asheville by Debbie. Black cats are the last to get adopted at shelters and most likely get put to sleep before that happens. So with this transport, these kittens have a great chance at finding a loving home.

Where are we?

Paws sticking out...

Pretty momma

Momma cat did not fit in the carrier with her kittens so they had put her in a cardboard carrier.  Not very secure for the drive so Debbie  had to make a Petco run to buy another carrier but once that was done all was good.

Interstate 40 thru the Smokies

We headed out to Knoxville TN, about a 2 hour drive thru the Smoky Mountains to deliver them to Lori who was driving down from Louisville KY!  The kittens were very curious and kept trying to pull at us from the carriers .  Finally they fell asleep all piled on top of each other.

Sleepy kittens

We did stop to give them a snack thru the cage bars and for us to use the facilities at the rest stop.

One of the tunnels thru the mountains

The road is very steep and windy but beautiful.  The only down side is a lot of truck traffic - kind of scary with the road so narrow and everyone going so fast.

Loading them up to go to KY!

We were only a little late and had no trouble meeting Lori.  She did the most driving - 3 hours down and 3 more back to KY!  These little kittens and mamacat will have a better chance at finding a new home in KY!  If any of you readers would like to help in a transport - they are always looking for drivers.  Contact Dorian via her blog Your Daily Cute.

Safely in Louisville.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Neighbor Cat Jack on Mancat Monday

Pop says we have all us indoor cats and one outdoor cat - Jack.  He lives up behind us in the woods but is down at our house everyday.  Mom does not feed him but he loves to hunt under our house in the crawlspace.  Pop likes that cuz we don't have any mice, voles, moles or anything under there now!

We were gonna insulate and put cement block along the foundation rather than the siding there but will have to leave a cat door for Jack!

He loves to hang out with the beans whenever they are outside in the yard.  He scares Mom a lot by being so quiet she doesn't know he is there until he brushes up against her and she screams!  He doesn't even run away - just looks at her like"What is your problem human?"

Mom worries about him in the woods but he doesn't go there very much. He walks all the way down his driveway and then turns up ours.  Pretty smart cat.  He doesn't go in the road either.  His family had two indoor cats but they got out accidentally and they never did find them so I guess when they got two more cats they let them stay outside.  Jack's buddy cat is a cow cat but he never comes down our way - just stays up at the house with their woofie Jake. Jake is an old black lab.  He often follows their car down the driveway but forgets to go back up to the house so Mom will walk up the steep long driveway with him to bring him home. He walks very slowly so it can take a while. He is not so smart but sweet.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about our neighbors!

Mom helped find a place with a foster home  thru Brother Wolf our local no-kill shelter for tiny Peyton that was posted on Brian's Home's Forever Home Wanted blog to help homeless pets.  She was transported on Saturday by the beans. On Tuesday Mom and Pop are transporting 7 kittens and 1 momma cat from NC to TN for Dorian of Your Daily Cute blog.  We will have a report about that later this week.

Have a great Monday!



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