Thursday, May 2, 2013

Formerly Feral Friday

It's me, Ivy, back again.  Thanks for all the great comments on my tell all post this week.  This pic above is one of my favorites - when computers had big box like shapes I would sit on the back and peek at Mom over the top!  I was living in her office when she first took me inside.  Since she thought I was soo wild and would not like being indoors, I was the last one of our first feral colony to be brought in.  Boy did I prove her wrong!

So many of you asked to see my sock catching video that Mom went ahead and downloaded it.  She is not the greatest at doing videos but at least you get the drift!  Mercifully, it is short and sweet. I guess I don't have the attention span I used to have  either that or I ran our of energy. Maybe we can try again with the socks! Have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tattle Tale Tuesday with Ivy

This took a loooong time to post.  We have been having problems posting photos on to blogger lately!  Anyone else having this issue?

Since we are getting older and taking up more of Mom's time, she is not posting as much as she was before.  She doesn't have the time to wait on Blogger to get things up.  She thought a regular post about some interesting tidbits about each of us would be fun and fairly easy to do!

This week it is me Ivy!

 I am 15 years old this year and am FIV positive altho no one would know this from how I act.

I lived outside as part of a feral cat colony in Mom's backyard for 8 of my 15 years.  I was one tough cookie.  I even have a BB pellet embedded in my right front leg to show for my time in the wild!

I am the black cat on the left.  The others are Nicky and Big Guy is the cow cat.

I also have had issues with FHS - feline hyperesthesia syndrome.  I tend to pull my fur out along my back from this.  I was even having seizures too but I am doing OK now. In flea season Mom has to be very vigilant in applying the Advantage and using DE to keep the fleas down, plus vacuuming.  This seems to help.

When I scratch myself  on my chest with my paw, it makes my tongue go in and out, in and out.  Mom laughs at me then.  She can make me do it too.

I am very vocal and have a strange repertoire of sounds - chirps, gurgles and quacks.  I don't meow like other cats.

I had very dark fur at one time but now it is reddish, especially on my tail.  The whiskers on my right side are curled and short like they were broken off or singed.  Mom has no idea how that happened.

I don't have any teeth left but do like to bite.  I put the bitey on anything you put in front of me including Mom's finger!

At night when Mom goes to bed, I run up on the bed and wait for her to play with me.  I like chasing the ribbon but I will also catch her socks when she throws them up in the air.

I am Mom's girl and want to sit on her lap allll the time!  She can't move and I am right there.  She finds this very hard to believe cuz when I lived with the feral cats, I would not let her touch me and would swat her if she tried.

I am a pretty unusual cat if I may say so myself!  Hope you enjoyed learning more about me.

On a sad note...our dear friend Sammy from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life has gone to the Rainbow Bridge.  He will be terribly missed by his fmaily so please so go by if you haven't already!  Sweet dreams Sammy.



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