Friday, July 30, 2010

Forever Friday with Casper and girls

Since we have a lot of white cats we thought we would feature some white beauties this week from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. They are the no-kill shelter that was in financial need a few weeks back. Thanks to all who helped them out, they are doing better now and hoping to raise awareness of the importance of no-kill shelters.

This is Casper who was rescued from the local animal shelter. He is one and one half years old and a very handsome white mancat. He was pretty scruffy looking when he was brought into Brother Wolf's care, but he's feeling better every day. Email if you'd like to meet him!

This is Rose who is a young playful white kitty who needs a forever home. There are two others her age and all white - Blanche and Dorothy. Please help hem find someone that will give them love and a caring home.

For more info on all these cats and more please visit Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. Pass the word on to others and make sure your Congress members know that you want your community to be no-kill. For more info on creating a no-kill community go to Maddie's Fund or No Kill Nation on Facebook.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Christmas in July!

We got a package in the mail for us over the weekend from Angel, Kirby and Mac. We joined in with the Christmas in July fun this year and they were partnered with us. What a cute Christmas card from them and all the goodies were wrapped in red and green paper!

Ivy inspected the box while Mom opened it up for us. Look -- we got cute kitty magnets and Hello Kitty band-aids for the beans.

There was lots of treats - all our favorite - Temptations all our best flavors. Sweetpea called first dibs on those.

Joey got so excited he just got in the box and wanted all of the rest for himself! Mom made him get out so we could open more gifts.

Sweetpea is checking out the furry mouse. Doesn't that look fun? Minnie liked the paper better than all the stuff and was rolling around in it. She found the catnip toy - no wonder the paper smelled so good to her!

Since we have two groups of kitties, Mom closed up the rest of the box and took it out to the white cats to have fun with. Two Spot and Only jumped right in the box and began to check it all out. More treats and even some catnip which Mom let us have after we got done.

Wow we got a Kong kicking toy - that will be fun to practise our bunny kicks on. More catnip toys and a bunch of mousies! Smidge joined in on the unwrapping. The rest of the gang was too sleepy to come down and have fun!

Lily joined in and grabbed the catnip toys. We got a kitty cube too. They even sent some bath stuff for Mom -wasn't that nice of them?

We had a great time opening it all and will enjoy playing with all the great toys. The treats will keep us going for a long time! Mom likes the bath stuff - don't know why beans like to get wet!
We hope Angel, Kirby and Mac enjoy their stuff - we are new at this Christmas in July thing. We thank them and their Mom for all the hard work and thoughtfulness put into our box!

Hope you all have a great time watching this. Thinking about Christmas now...maybe this will bring us some cooler temps - it is still HOT HERE!!!!!
For more kitties today visit Gattina for Cats on Tuesday!



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