Thursday, September 13, 2012

Very Thankful Thursday

Yoko chowing down.

First off Mom wants to thank you all for your Gotcha Day wishes for Ivy.  She almost forgotted the day but managed to post at the last minute.  She has not been by to visit you all much as we have so much going on here to deal with.  It was touch and go for our sweet Yoko here.  She has CRF and high thyroid and got a really bad bladder infection.She was not responding to the antibiotics at first.  Even one of our vets thought it was time to say goodbye but Mom does not give up on us.  She kept feeding her and caring for her, giving her lots of supplements to help her heal and of course the antibiotics.

Making biscuits.

Today she is back to her old self - eating up a storm, making biscuits, yelling at Mom and of course snoozing - what she does best at her old age of 19.  Mom knew she was going to make it when she hopped up on the foot of the bed one morning and yelled for food  like she always does. That made Mom cry cuz she really didn't think she would ever see her do that again.  So we are really really thankful that we still have our Yoko  and hope she will be with us for a long time to come.

Mom's flashy box is in her face!

Napping sweetly.



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