Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's National Rubber Ducky Day - Jan 13

 It is that time of year again....Rubber Ducky Day!  Yoko says "For some reason these yellow things make me want to take a bath!!"

This day seems to have originated in 1970, when Jim Henson performed the song “Rubber Duckie” as Ernie on Sesame Street.  The rubber duck bath toy has been an iconic American symbol ever since.

 Al showed no interest whatsoever in his ducks - he would rather eat than play with them.  That sure is a funny duck on his back.

 Woody didn't want to get too close to the duck...these look more like cats?  Rubber dacks????

Snowball warmed right up to his bright yellow friends while Only wanted to nest with his flock of cat/ dats...or cacks???  What do you call these hybrid cat and ducks??


 One of the bigger ones escaped into the water bowl and Smidge cautiously checked it out.  She didn't like that thing floating in her water.  "Get it out Mom!"

Do you have any rubber duckies?  We think every day should be rubber ducky day, don't you?

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Garden Thursday with Tabitha

 What Mom???  You woke me up from my nap to host a garden tour???  I will make it a quick one.

Pop has planted broccoli and kale and they seem to be doing great this winter.  It has been a mild one with just a few cold nights in the 20s.

 I think the weather has messed up our flowers - the daffodils are coming out of the ground a couple of months early and the phlox is actually blooming!  We even had some forsythia blooms back in December.

That was it for the garden tour folks.  Back to my nap with Woody. Have a good weekend and don't forget that Sunday Jan 13 is Rubber Ducky Day.  Find a rubber ducky and join in the fun!  Feel free to steal the pic on the sidebar for your post or  blog.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Hunting with Jack

We live in a clearing surrounded by acres of woods with a few neighbors behind us at the top of the ridge that  we can't see except for in winter when there are no leaves on the trees.

I was talking  on the phone to a friend last week telling her about our neighbor's cat Jack.  I told P that he often comes down the mountain to visit us and that he likes to hunt in our yard.

P responded rather vehemently :"He hunts in your yard?  And you let him? That's dangerous!"

Wondering why she was getting so upset I told her that he especially likes to go under the house in the crawlspace to hunt.  "What?" P exclaimed.loudly "Oh my God why?"

"Because there is lots of good stuff under there'" I explained calmly.  "Voles, mice, chipmunks."

"P"  I asked, "Did you hear me when I said Jack is a cat?"

" A CAT!!!" P stated back. " I thought you were talking about a person named Jack!!"

We had a good chuckle over this, imagining a human hunter, rifle slung over his shoulder, dressed in camouflage clothing, crawling around in the tiny space under the house looking for prey!

Jack the cat hunting for voles.
P.S. It looks like this is our 600th post!  Pretty cool that we have posted that many pics and stories about us cats!  Hope to be doing 600 more!!!



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