Friday, March 5, 2010

Flashback Friday!

With Mom's birthday this week she felt it appropriate to want to have a flashback to about 15-16 years ago. Here is a very young Mom, Pop, and Yoko and Chica who are very senior cats still with us!

You all helped Mom raise $17.50 for a donation to Animal Compassion Network for her birthday. Thanks for all your comments and good wishes. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tabitha on Tabby Tuesday

You may remember that Mom brought me inside from our shelter because Al was picking on me...well I am doing very well. The other cats either ignore me or accept me. This will get better with time.

I don't mind the other cats and run all over the house. I like to look out the windows, sleep on the bed and play with Mamacita and Rosa. I was friends with them both before. I think they remember me!

I think Mom made the right move to bring me in.

What's new in your house? For more Cats on Tuesday visit Gattina!

P.S. Don't tell Mom I told you but...her birthday is on Wednesday the 3rd! She even got the day off from work!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Tribute

Mom has gotten quite attached to a cat she sees on her way to town and back. He is a cow cat - white with black markings. He looks just like Big Guy, (in the photo above) one of our ferals that went to the bridge several years ago. This cat sits on the front porch of a little farmhouse and obviously is an outdoor cat. An older gentleman lives there and they seem to have a warm bond. She looks for the cat whenever she goes by and he makes her smile.

In summer the cat follows the man around while he does yard work, sitting quietly next to him. There are chairs on the porch and the man put cushions on the chairs for the cat to sit on year round. In winter the man makes a box with blankets and puts it on the porch for shelter from the weather. This winter he made a very elaborate box, set it up high on a table and fixed a heat lamp to keep the cat warm. Mom drove by while he was building it and the cat was, as usual, sitting next to him on the porch supervising.

The cat has a buddy cat - a long haired black and white cat. They hang out together and sit on the porch waiting for the food dish to be filled. He lives in another house nearby but comes to visit often.

The other day when Mom drove by she noticed the buddy cat there alone. He was sniffing all over the porch chairs and stuff. She wondered where the cow cat was. Yesterday when she drove by, the man had taken down the box, the food dishes and all the cushions off the porch chairs. She was very sad cuz it means something happened to the cow cat.

She would like to send a note to the man even though she doesn't know him but does have an address. Do you think it would be weird if she did? It might make him feel better knowing someone else will miss his cat too. What do you think?

Thanks for listening and for any ideas! May this sweet cat fly free at the Bridge until his bean comes to meet him.



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