Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Birthday Marg!!!!

Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry for this great graphic!

Today our post is honoring a very special lady - our friend Marg who writes the blog Marg's Pets.  Marg writes about  all her rescued animals - her cats, dogs and donkeys.  If it wasn't for her, many of these animals would be homeless  and struggling to survive on their own.  These animals are lucky to have her in their lives and so are we.  Most of you will recall Mom and Pop got to meet Marg and her critters last fall.  Marg is kind, caring, thoughtful, funny, a good listener and a wonderful friend.  Happy Birthday dear friend!  They don't make them better than you!

Pop with Smoke, one of Marg's beloved miniature donkeys.

Yummy cake...

Marg, you are invited to teleport over here for a party! We have set up a special celebration featuring Marg's favorite character - Eeyore!  We have an Eeyore cake for all, ice cream, and Eeyore ears for all to wear.   We can even play pin the tail on Eeyore the donkey!!  Have fun everyone and join in the party!

ice cream....

Eeyore ears to wear...

and pin-the-tail-on-Eeyore!

Marg's Orange Boyz says fill up my bowl!



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