Thursday, September 17, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Update on Mr. Kitty, Minnie and Al

Minnie napping in a Chewy box.

I apologize for not visiting.  Been way too busy trying to care for Minnie.  I took her to the holistic vet and she is officially in stage 3 renal failure.  Minnie will need daily fluids, an ACE inhibitor to help blood flow to her kidneys, plus a low protein food since there was protein in her urine.  Normally there is some but she had a lot since her kidneys are not able to do their job. And we give her a phosphorus binder.  I have a notebook and write it all in, checking it off as I do it.

Not having much luck to get the prescription food in her at this point so what ever I can get her to eat is fine by me.  She IS eating so that is good.  I am hoping the binder will help lower the phosphorus.  All her numbers came down initially with IV fluids so hopefully the binder will help as well.

She is acting like she did before she got sick - enjoying life and seeming to feel pretty good.  She also has IBD so that is another thing we treat with probiotics, digestive enzymes and slippery elm.  She is super about letting me squirt liquids in her mouth so everything gets dissolved in water and squirted via a feeding syringe.  I also contacted my animal communicator about Minnie - that will be another post soon.

Mr. Kitty is over his coccidia and had three teeth removed.  He has hyperthyroid but we are going the natural route for a month to see if that will work better than the drug.  His lump on his neck was just a cyst - what a relief - but it seems to be coming back so we may have to have that removed to make him more comfy.

Albert did OK with his dental - no extractions, just cleaning.  His right eye is inflamed with his third eyelid showing.  I called the vet and they said to bring him back if it didn't get better.  After using an antibiotic ointment on his eye for a few days, it is better but not healed so off to the vet we go. (We have anti-inflamatory drops for his eye and it is looking better.  The vet thinks it is a nerve issue since there is no sign of damage.  He lost a tooth on that side and the nerves may have been jangled when he got his teeth cleaned.)

I am just very thankful to have all the cats still with us even tho we have our ups and downs health wise.  I hope Minnie remains stable for a few more months, even years.  Thank you for your purrs, patience with us and for all the encouraging suggestions.  We hope to be able to get back to blogging a bit more.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Treat Yourself to a Cat Lady Box

Blog friend Dorian from Your Daily Cute has started a great cat related company - Cat Lady Box, the first ever monthly subscription box for ladies crazy about cats.  She offered to give me one box free to  review.

Sweetpea helped to open the box and check out the wonderfully presented gifts inside. Each month the Cat Lady Box includes hand picked cat themed items sure to please any cat loving woman and if you order the Crazy Cat Lady Box, it also has gifts for your cats too. The boxes can contain an array of super items - exclusively designed cat lady necklaces, rings, bracelets and other jewelry, newly released and best-seller books featuring cats, stylish cat lover T-shirts and accessories, handmade cat-themed art and unique home decor, cat lady cards, stationery, socks, hats, and more. And it is delivered straight to your door.

This month the Crazy Cat Lady Box includes a super wallet with cats on the front and cat silhouette scarf by Triple T Studios along with  temporary cat tattoos and a Cat Lady magnet.  The postcard is by pen and ink artist Carolyn Flynn.

The kitties got a catnip toy by For Mew and a sisal ball with feather by Terra Toys.

Either Cat Lady Box makes for a great one of a kind gift  for yourself or for cat loving friends.  I plan on giving a one time subscription to friends for their birthday and maybe even for Christmas.  I might just treat myself to the six month subscription.  Us cat lovers cannot have too many cat themed accessories...right?

The kitties and I give Cat Lady Box two thumbs and four paws up!  Go check them out!!!!



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