Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy 19th Gotcha Day Yoko (And Mother's Day too)

Mom here today.  Nineteen years ago on Mother's Day weekend, dear sweet Yoko was a gift from my husband to me, a rescued 6 week old kitten from Animal Control in Florida. It has been a pleasure to share our lives with her. She has been giving us the gift of her love over and over through all these years. Here are some things about Yoko that make us smile....

...her gift of burrowing into bedding, pillows and settling in as if we put her there. her easy going nature makes her  a perfect victim for stalking and surprise ambushes (like this one with Darby behind her)

....sneaks onto the bed at night to curl up next to me.

...licks me awake int he early morning hours telling me she hungry. she licks cream cheese off my finger and closes her eyes, looking so supremely happy to eat this.

 ...loves to sit and stare at the Christmas tree lights for the longest times

...eats very slowly, deliberately, pausing every so often (it seems like) to savor her food

her funny feet that seem too big for her body 

...naps in the oddest places - on the sweaters in the closet, under newly washed laundry

...wails in a high squeaky voice when she wants something.  (This is how she got her name.)

We leave you with this song by John Lennon called Oh Yoko, about her namesake!

We love you sweet Yokie  and hope you will be with us for years to come!  You were the best Mother's Day gift I ever got.  Help yourself to the cake, ice cream, nip, tunnels, crinkle balls and  let the celebration begin! 

All of us at Wildcat Woods wish all Moms everywhere a wonderful Mother's Day!!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Party Invite by Only

Only here.  I is resting today cuz we have a big party coming up on Sunday - not just Mother's Day but Yoko's 19th Gotcha Day!!!

We've got all kinds of fun games lined up....

and foods galore!

So put this Sunday May 13 on your calendar!!!!  See ya there.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Shadow Play with Darby

ATTENTION - Yoko's Gotcha Day is always on Mothers Day so will be celebrated as usual on Sunday May 13! Please come back for the party!

I have a new friend that I play with almost every afternoon!   His name is Mr. Shadow!  I go wait in the bedroom for him to visit.

He shows up on the wall by the fan.  He plays hide and seek with me and makes all kinds of funny animals and critters.

I try very hard to catch him but I never do.

Mom thinks it's funny when I go to the bed every day and wait for my friend to visit!  I just sit and stare at the wall and he most always comes by!  Mom is usually getting ready for work at this time so she sees him too.

Do you have a Mr. Shadow to play with?



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