Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Hunt - Mostly Black

This week's Photo Hunt - Mostly Black was easy for us - we have lots of all black cats bu some of us are almost black.  This is Woody here.  He is a black and grey tabby.  His back is solid black with grey under. He is very good at camouflage - he can be sitting very still in the open and Mom won't even see him cuz he seems to blend in with all the surroundings.  (We think he can make himself invisible!)

 Now Chica here is a black tortoiseshell - mostly black with lots of orange and tan in her coat. She is napping so we won't bother her after all at 19 she deserves to do what she pleases.

And finally Joey is another tabby with lots of black on his back but with tan and grey.  We think they call that a ticked tabby but he is anything but...just a very laid back loverboy.

Please help us find a home for Avon - her info and photo are on the sidebar.  She still has not been adopted from a local shelter.  All her kittens found homes but not her.

Also Mom is having a birthday this week on March 3 and will be doing a commentathon to raise money for Marg of Marg's Pets so do come back by and join in.  For each comment she will donate 55cents to help our her vet bills. (Cuz that is how old she is) Recently Marg's Lucky has not been feeling well and is on meds.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tortie Tuesday - We Gots Mail

Chica here - Mom said I have been feeling extra frisky these past few weeks - waking her up in the morning by tapping on her or when that doesn't work, batting the blinds with my paws.  Here I am with my nip mouse!  I like playing with this toy. Mmmm mmmm good!

Now it is time to freshen up after a wild game of nip mouse......

OK, time to get down to business...we got mail!  We won the first giveaway that Penelope was hosting on her blog Cat From Hell.  We got a great Happy New Year a print of a handmade painting and a fun meezer magnet along with a lovely card.  Since this is the Year of the Cat in some places, this will go up in a place of honor!

Hope you are all doing well - don't forget to help us find a home for Avon.  Her info is in the sidebar - pass it on, post it or tweet it - whatever it takes!

For those of you who want to help the animals of Christchurch New Zealand - Henry has a Chip-In on his blog for the local SPCA!  Even a dollar helps.



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