Friday, May 31, 2013

Feral Friday Fun from

Darby really likes them

We were contacted by Andrew from about reviewing some kitty treats by Natural Balance called Perfect Bites!.  We chose the chicken flavor.  Mom likes this company cuz the food and treats are free of corn, soy and wheat which can cause allergies in cats.

So does Mamacita!

Mom gave them to us house cats just this morning.  Well - as you can see we all loved the treats and scarfed them right up.  They are yummy,  very affordable and only one calorie per treat!  We give these treat 32 paws up!

Even Yoko ate some.

The whitesters are not allowed treats since Snowball had his urinary blockage a few months ago and needs to lose weight.  We are happy to say he has lost  weight being on a strict canned food diet .  He is so slim and trim now that we have a hard  time telling him apart from the others. Before he was the biggest cat by far and stood out by size alone.

Fussy Minnie had some too.

If you would like to order some treats for yourself - go to this Chewy page.  We like buying from - it it easy, fast and good prices.  Have a great weekend y'all!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!


Us kitties want to wish you all a very happy Memorial Day!  Many thanks to all those who served in the armed forces, both two and four legged. We remember and are forever grateful!

Mom had to work Fri., Sat. and Mon. so she did not have a restful long weekend! And I, Sweetpea, am in the doghouse so to speak.  I love to hang out in the kitchen while meals are being cooked, scouring the floor for morsels dropped.  It is hard work, so I even stretch out and nap.

Well, last night Pop was was making supper at the stove and I was tailing him a bit too close. When he turned around quickly, I was right there!  He bent his leg funny trying to avoid stepping on me. I love him for that but now he is walking with a limp.  His knee was turned crooked and is all swollen and sore. I have said I was  so very sorry but I just can't help myself! I am right back there in the way again the next meal.

So I guess on Memorial Day, all of us cats will be waiting for Mom to come home  from work and helping Pop rest his knee with an ice pack.  Hope you have a better time than us!



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