Friday, December 7, 2012

Good-bye Joey - Nov. 1999 - Dec. 2012

From last Christmas
Joey passed away this morning snuggled in his spot on a chair in the bedroom.  My husband and I were with him and surrounded him with loving Reiki light, telling him how much he was loved. It seems he had many things going on with him besides the skin cancer - possibly lymphoma but there were no symptoms until too late.

Taken a few years back.

We put his body on the bed and brought the other cats in to say good-bye.  Ivy in particular took up a position on the bed next to Joey.  Yoko has been sitting with him these last few days snuggled close at all times.  He is buried in the woods on our land beside the cat house with a marker that says  "Your heart is pure, Your soul is free."

Today, I say good-bye, God-speed.
I thank you for your love.
I thank you for choosing me.
I thank you for the joy I have experienced through you.
I thank you for the depth of your old soul as I looked in your eyes.
I thank you for your funny belly that swayed from side to side when you walked.
I thank you for the pleasure of watching you hop sideways when you were happy.
I thank you for your rumbley, growl like purr which you shared with me even your last night on earth.
I thank you for your compassion -  welcoming without pause, any new cat I took in.
I thank you for all your sweet quirky traits that I have come to love.
I thank you for your loyalty - for always forgiving any squabbles and loving the other cats anyway.
I thank you for your companionship.
I thank you for your endlessly generous spirit.
I thank you for sharing your life with me.
I thank you for trusting me.
I thank you for the lessons learned by virtue of our having been in each other's lives.
I thank you for the knowing that even though I am now saying good-bye and letting you go, in this paradox of life, that having let you go, you will  nevertheless be with me always.
I love you.  Go in peace Joey, my love.

Adapted from Saying Good-bye by Elizabeth Severino

Thank you all for your emotional support, donations and kind words during his brief illness.  You have helped more than you will ever know.  I will take a break for blogging for a bit but will be back when my heart is lighter.



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