Saturday, May 30, 2009

Al on Caturday

My beloved deaf cat Al - sleeping like an angel. He is usually into all sorts of mischief and commotion but when he sleeps it is precious to behold.

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Camera Critters

Friday, May 29, 2009

Chica's Story

My name is Chica and I am a cat with catitude! I am a beautiful black tortoiseshell cat. I am Mom's first cat - she found me at a strip mall in Florida pawing at the glass in front of a store. Lots of beans were trying to pick me up but I would not have anything to do with them. Then I saw Mom and went right to her! I knew she was my best pal.

She took me home and looked real hard for my "owner" but I knew she was my real true bean friend. I was about 6 months old then. I was funny tho - I didn't like to be petted but liked to be in the same room as her and loved to play.

Mom had never had cats before (cuz Grandma was allergic) so she didn't know how to play with me except like a dog. We played fetch and catch with a bitty jingle ball, hockey with pennies on the floor and hide and seek. That was my favorite game.

Mom would go hide when I wasn't looking and I would go find her after she called me. I would look and look until I found her. She would jump out at me and I would run and then hide for her to find me. My favorite place was in the bathtub. I would lay down on the bottom and peek over the edge to see if she was coming, with only my ears and eyes showing. She thought that was funny! Pop thought we were crazy and I was going to be a dog instead of a cat. No way Jose!

Me helping Mom make the bed - I love to be anywhere Mom is!

I love to play still even at my age 18! Three years ago I got real sick and was throwing up and peeing a lot plus drinking lots of water. After tests at the vet, Mom found out I had chronic renal failure and was very upset. Mom gave me the homeopathic remedy Nux Vomica to stop the vomiting and our vet Maggie gave me a special supplement called Standard Process Renal Support, plus Chinese herbs and I am feeling much better. I take another homeopathic remedy mix plus a detox herb mix and don't drink and pee so much now.

I am the boss cat and all the other cats know it. If I don't like what is going on in the house I grumble and mutter to myself for a while and everyone gets outa my way except Mom. I know that when I want attention I just have to do something naughty and I will get lots of attention! Sometimes I will go stand on a dresser and paw at the pictures on the wall until someone comes to get me! I have them trained don't I?

Thanks for visiting and listening to my story. I plan on being around for a long while yet - terrorizing all and being with my Mom!



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