Thursday, August 18, 2011

Friends Friday with Luna

We were very delighted to find out our friend Luna from We Love Luna made these lovely collages of us.  They are very sweet to do this.  They did these when Chica was very sick a couple of weeks ago and made Mom smile - which is good.

If you have not been to visit Luna's blog, you should.  Her family lived in Brazil and moved to Luxembourg with Luna in tow.  Luna is an eight year old Snowshoe cat with amazing blue eyes.  She lives with her mom and dad Cezar and Leia and also has a bean sister and brother. 

Beautiful Luna.

Thank you, Luna for being our friend!  We will leave you with this song "Thank you for being a friend" from The Golden Girls - sure to make you smile!  If you can't see it below then go here.  Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug 17 is National Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Ivy, our FIV 12 year old cat.  She is rust colored along with black.

All of us black cats of Wildcat Woods are hosting today.  Today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day - to honor these lovely house panthers and  raise awareness that black cats (and dogs) are the last to get adopted and the first to be euthanized in most shelters across the US.

The reasons are many - they don't photograph well indoors, don't show up well in cages, and have superstitions concerning them dating to medieval ages. We need to tell people how great black cats (and dogs) are!

Black cats have a long history. They were probably the first color variety to arise from the ancestral tabby.  The black mutation  is thought to have originated in the eastern Mediterranean and the cats then spread by Phoenician traders.  Today the highest concentration of black cats are found in Britain, northwest Africa, the Mediterranean, Rome and Florence.

Minnie, shiny black with a sprinkling of white hairs on her neck.

We have some great reasons everyone should adopt a black cat:

Black goes with everything!  If your car seats are black, our hairs won't show.  The same goes for your suits and dresses.

Plus sized Mamacita who is all black.

You can find us easily  in the snow! 

Mamacita's daughter Rosa

Black goes with every decor - we will make your home look elegant and in style.

Tiny Sweetpea at 5 lbs with a white locket.

In some countries, like the UK, a black cat crossing your path means good luck.  Winston Churchill owned a black cat named Nelson.

Some experts think the mutation that caused the color black also make black cats less aggressive, less timid and more laid back than their striped tabby mates.

So pass this on to enlighten others about the greatness of black cats!  And please adopt them - you will literally be saving their lives.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Urgent - Please Help Sammy, Andy and Shelly!

An auction has been set up to raise money for Sammy, Andy and Shelly.  A family member has lost their job and they don't have enough to cover their rent next month, never mind to move.  You can donate a few dollars at their blog Sammy Andy and Shelly or see if any of the great items up for auction catch your fancy!

The auction is at Helping Your Needy Friends blog.  If you have any items to donate to the auction, contact ML at Cat Blogosphere or Marg at Marg's Pets.  Every little bit helps so pass this on to all your friends on Twitter, Facebook and on other blogs!!!!  We will also donate the rest of our Chip-in for Chica's vet bills to Sammy, Andy and Shelly - they need help more than us right now.  Let's make this happen - we only have two weeks to do it!



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