Monday, August 15, 2011

Urgent - Please Help Sammy, Andy and Shelly!

An auction has been set up to raise money for Sammy, Andy and Shelly.  A family member has lost their job and they don't have enough to cover their rent next month, never mind to move.  You can donate a few dollars at their blog Sammy Andy and Shelly or see if any of the great items up for auction catch your fancy!

The auction is at Helping Your Needy Friends blog.  If you have any items to donate to the auction, contact ML at Cat Blogosphere or Marg at Marg's Pets.  Every little bit helps so pass this on to all your friends on Twitter, Facebook and on other blogs!!!!  We will also donate the rest of our Chip-in for Chica's vet bills to Sammy, Andy and Shelly - they need help more than us right now.  Let's make this happen - we only have two weeks to do it!



This was so sweet.
We donated earlier and we hope that it helps some. That is really wonderful that you will be donating Chica's fund. We are so proud of how the blogosphere comes together to help people in our community.

Mr Puddy said...

I passed it on !

Anonymous said...

Love your Header.
This is great of you to help out a fellow blogger. I will check out the Auction and remember this family in prayer.


Ellen Whyte said...

Sheesh that's rough! We want to know: who has all the $$$$$? It's not anyone we know. Where's all the money gone to?



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