How It Started....

When my husband and I purchased our farmhouse in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina 17 years ago, we inherited a group of feral cats.

After contacting Alley Cat Allies who provided information about how to TNR, I humanely trapped and neutered all of them, releasing them into our back yard where they lived out their lives. Of course another group found this great spot and took up residence. They thrived and were part of my TNR program.

We moved to another town two hours away about six years ago. I didn't want to leave the feral cats behind with no one to care for them so I asked all our neighbors if they would feed and care for them if I helped financially. No one was willing to take on this responsibly so we moved the cats with us.

We converted a workshop and carport into an insulated indoor room and screened porch for the feral cats. Both rooms have shelves, toys, scratching posts and plenty of places to hide, play, watch the birds and rest.

In caring for them and working with a holistic vet, I have learned much about alternative health care for both animals and humans. I am self taught in homeopathy, flower essences, herbs and nutrition - having learned from experience. I am a Reiki Master and cat rescuer. I truly believe that all life is connected on this wonderful planet - what we do to one affects the whole.



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