Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Albert's 10th Gotcha/Birth Day!

First off - Mom has not had a party for me since 2009! How bad is that?  She can't keep up with all our special days never mind the humans.  Since she doesn't know exactly when I was was born, this is a combo celebration for my Gotcha Day which is this date and my Brthday which probably was two months before this, guessing my age from my size.

Me as a young kitty

Ten years back, Mom found me by the side of the road.  At first glance, she thought I was a white plastic bag but then realized I was a tiny kitten.  She turned her car around and came back to scoop me up before anything happened to me.  As you can see I am a stunning all white long haired mancat with Paul Newman blue eyes.  That means I am deaf - most, if not all white cats with blue eyes are deaf since it is genetic.

Life as a deaf cat can be fine but Mom also thinks I did not have much quality time with my cat mom and siblings - I don't react to the other cats well at all.   I am clueless when it comes to reading the signals  that cats say or do to tell me what is going on or about to happen.  I think some of this is that I get scared when bumped into unexpectedly or get startled in any way by the other cats.  I am not a mean cat but I am ready to defend myself if I think I am threatened.  Being around the others makes me nervous and jumpy.  I like being alone or with the humans better.  I guess that makes me a high maintenance cat.

I can be goofy and silly too.

Mom and Pop love me just the same and have gone all out to make sure I am cared for and have a safe place to be, even if it means I have to be separated from the other cats or supervised by the them when I am with other cats.  I have my own room with two levels and a cool array of shelves to walk on high above the ground.  Pop is building me a special cat walk to allow me to go into another room but still stay up high on a wide shelf so I can come and go without running into the other cats.  As homes go, I think I have a pretty good one in spite of all my little quirks.

Anyhow...let's get this party going...there is ham with cream cheese, shrimps, catnip cream shakes for the older crowd and cake for all.  Help yourself!

We have a surprise gift  for the first one to guess the answer to this question -  
What famous person am I named after?  (Hint ...he had wild white hair also).

Thanks for coming to my party! I am so glad to have met all of you!



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