Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Wordy Wednesday - Tabitha Does a Canidae Review

Me, Tabitha posing with the sample Canidae Treats

Tabitha here today with this post.  Sorry we have not been around - Mom is busy getting things ready for Pop's surgery in two weeks.  He will not be able to do much for two weeks after and  it will be a month before he is back to normal so we will have to help mom take care of Pop and us!  We will fill you in closer to the date.

Now for our Canidae review -

We were sent sample packets of Canidae Grain Free Treats with Fresh Salmon and with Fresh Chicken.  Well the salmon flavor is almost gone already .  Mom had a hard time to take a photo of us eating them cuz we wolf them down so fast!

Callie is trying to will the bag open! (Kitty Vulcan mind meld maybe?)

The treats are small and heart shaped so we can eat them easily since most of us are seniors.  The crunchy texture helps to clean our teeth (for those of us who still have teeth that is.)

Callie got the bag open!

For more info on these great delish treats by Canidae, go to Canidae web site or their Facebook page.  Canidae also hosts a Free Stuff Friday Sweepstakes.  They give away a Canidae item free every week.  You can enter here on Facebook  - Free Stuff Friday  We are certainly going to enter every week - maybe we can win some more free treats! Whoo Hoo - free stuff!!!

Ivy enjoyed them even tho you has hardly any teeth left.

We had no internets yesterday when we posted this so Mom will catch up today!

Darby was won over and listed them as her fav.



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