Friday, September 18, 2009

It's Meow Like A Pirate Day!

Meet our flinty cap'n....

My name be Captain Lily Flint
E'en tho thar`s nay legal rank on this swashbuckler ship Cat o' Wildcat Woods, sea dogs an' land lubbers recognizes I be th' one in charge. Like th' rock flint, I be hard an' sharp. But, also like flint, I be easily chipped, an' sparky. Arr!

Ye can tell from me squity one good eye that I run a tight ship - nay messin' around or 'tis th' ganag plank fer ye! E'en me kids be havin' t' tow th' line - nay favorites - I be harder on them!

We be jus' a rag tag squadron o' ferals from th' wilds o' th' Appalachians an' now roam th' high seas, plunderin' an' swashbucklin' wherereour hearts take us! We be one tough bunch!

Happy Seafarin' heartys Tide all!
Ya horn swollgin' swabbie!

What else ye got? An' be quick about it, I be shippin' out soon!

Happy Pirate Day --- Arrrr!!!!

For more great animal pictures click on Camera Critters!

P.S. We still need purrs and prayers for our Chica - she is not eating except what I can get into her in a plastic syringe. See the post below for more info. Thank youso much for your purrs!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thoughtful Thursday

Please send all your purrs and prayers for our 18 year old Chica - we had a rough night last night and I didn't think she was going to make it. She has chronic renal failure and last night she began vomiting watery foam, drooling, licking her lips. She was crying and growling and very uncomfortable. Her paws were cold and her breathing was shallow.

We called the ER for pets and they felt she was dying and said she may not make the night so we opted to keep her home with us giving her homeopathic remedies for kidney toxicity and nausea. I slept on the sofa near her. She refused to let me hold her and finally found a small spot to curl up in.

I got up during the night and she had gotten inside her basket and fell asleep. She was awake and aware this morning and so far has not vomited. She keeps drinking water and has peed. She even purred for me.

She will go to the vet and hopefully get some SubQ fluids to make her more comfortable. She had been diagnosed three years ago but had been doing well. This episode was quite sudden and severe. Has anyone else had experience with CRF? I had thought her disease progression would be slower than this. Thanks for your help.

Update Fri 9/18
We finally got IV subq fluids in Chica - it went easier than I thought. She is quite feisty even for her age and does not like to be messed with! She is wiped out and sleeping but ate a little and seemed more active and alert. We have a vet appointment on Tues to give her a complete check up and see what we can be doing to help her be more comfortable. The vet was out sick today so we had to make other arrangements to get her fluids. I guess I will be giving her the fluids myself which I have done before with other cats but not her. Thanks again for all your support and purrs! You guys are great.



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