Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ivy's Gotcha Day - Sept 4

Hope you are ready for a fun party!  We are celebrating my 8th Gotcha Day and kinda my birthday too since we don't know for sure when it was except sometime late in 1998.  So I guess that makes me 15!

For those of you who don't know me too well, I was born outside at my beans old house in the mountains to a feral cat colony in the woods there.  Mom noticed me always hunting for food cuz I had just had kittens and was very thin and hungry.  She put food out for me and all the others found it too so she ended up taking care of all of us.  There were a lot of us and many did not make it past kittenhood. About half of feral kittens die before they reach adulthood.  She never did see my kittens so they must not have made it.

Me eating cream cheese.

Anyway, I was the first to get spayed, along with all the others.  Pop built us a shelter  for the cold weather and we all lived outside for many years, being fed and cared for by Mom and Pop.  As we aged or showed signs of not being well, she took us in and cared for us.  By 2005 I was the only one left outside.  I had lived thru two hurricanes, lots of very cold winters and the loss of many of my cat buddies and family.  When the head mancat of the feral colony Big Guy died, another big male cat took  over his territory and was trying to run me off.  I had no place to go so I would fight or hide. Even tho I  loved hunting and being outside Mom knew it was time to bring me in.

Me when I lived outside.

I was very wild and would not let her touch me let alone get near me so when she caught me to bring me inside, she had no idea if I would ever adapt but I did!  I loved being inside, warm and safe and fed.  I enjoyed being with my buddies, Joey, Minnie, and Sweetpea. I love toona, catnip, cream cheese and all kinds of food and treats.  I do have early CRF and am FIV positive but that doesn't slow me down.  Oh ya, I don't have any teeth left either.

Playing peek a boo.

I have lots of fumy quirks - like I don't meow but kind of quack like a duck.  (Go here if you want to hear that ) I bite at everything but without teeth it is not a problem.  I love to play but get upset when others join in.  I love Mom and Pop and would rather sit on them than anywhere else.  Every morning when it is time to eat I go get Mom up by sitting next to her on the bed and quacking at her.

So in honor of me today's party will feature cream cheese, nip and toona!  Have fun and stay as long as you want.Thank you so much for coming and helping me celebrate.



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