Saturday, March 20, 2010

Photo Hunt

Way back when we only had three cats inside they used to like to sit in the open screen door and watch the birds, chipmunks and other wildlife outside. From left to right is - Sweetpea, Chica and Yoko.

For more Photo Hunt posts visit TNChick! For more critter picts go to Camera Critters! Happy Caturday! Happy Spring!!!!! Whooo hooo!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Flashback Friday with Yoko

This is me when I was a lot younger (I will be 17 this year) in Florida. I love to burrow under blankets and get all snug. Can you find me on the chair?

Here I am...I am a good hider huh? Chica used to always pick on me so I got real good at finding out of the way hidy places to get way from her. Sometimes I would even go up on the top shelf in the closet and snuggle in the sweaters!

Thanks to all of you who came by Darby's Gotcha Day Party the other day. We had so much fun!

Mom wants to tell the rest of the cow cat story - about the little black and white cat she drives by on her way to town. You all thought she should go ahead and send a note to the older man who lived with the cat.

Well she got a card and the address and was about to mail it when Pop told her he thought he saw the cat one day about a week or so later. He said he looked all dirty and rough looking. She didn't mail it, in case she was wrong and kept looking for the cat. The box and all the trappings on the porch were still gone.

Last week she drove by on her way into work on a warm day and the inside door was open to the glass exterior door and who should she see sitting inside looking out but cow cat! Yay!!!! It seems they took him inside after all these years.

Maybe he disappeared on an adventure and when he got back they decided to make him an indoor cat. His buddy still comes around and they do let cow cat out during the day sometimes too. She is so happy that he is OK even tho she won't see him outside as much as she did. Thanks to all who wrote comments and supported her idea of writing to the man. She is glad there is a happy ending!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An Award from Old Kitty

Mom is still still not feeling up to par but is using this week to tidy up and catch up. She got this award a bit back but hadn't got to posting it yet. It is from Old Kitty of Ten Lives and Second Chances. I guess she is supposed to tell seven things about herself. Here goes....

#1. Mom never had any kitties in her life until she was 36 (when she found our Chica) and living in Florida. Her mom was very allergic and they could never have cats in the house when she was growing up.

#2. Mom has always loved animals and made money as a kid pet sitting rather than baby sitting!

#3. Mom can't travel much now with all of us to care for but she loves to travel and has been to 30 states and Canada, Germany, France, Greece, Barbados, Bahamas, and Luxembourg.

#4. One of her favorite jobs was when she worked for an aquarium in CT - getting to see all the seals, beluga whales, dolphins and sea lions everyday was fun!

#5. She loves quirky movies, musical or otherwise - the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Little Shop of Horrors are two of her favs.

#6. She has more books in the house than anything else - we could fill a small library.

#7. She has never had to be in a hospital for any length of stay.

We would like to pass this award on to these seven new cat bloggers so we can get to know them a little better - Tales of Tigger and the Teach, Cokie the Cat, Hannah and Lucy , Ballicus Blog, the Meow cats (they count as two), Puss in Boats.

To meet other cat bloggers visit Cats on Tuesday! See you all on Wed for the big party!!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

New VSquillion Adopted

We just adopted a new Angel VSquillion in memory of our beloved Manny.

Manny was Mamacita's baby and Rosa's brother. He was only 2 1/2 when he went to the Bridge. He had a UTI and got a blocked urethra before Mom could help him and the vet accidentally tore his urethra putting the catheter in - it is a hard procedure to do and he was young and fairly new as a vet. He wanted to do surgery to correct this but he was slammed that day and had to wait until morning to do it. Manny died overnight before the vet could do surgery. Mom had brought him home in case this happened so he was with all of us when he went to the Bridge. Mom is still very sad that this happened.

Manny and Rosa were very sick kitties when Mom trapped them and brought them inside. Manny is the one on the right in this early photo. He loved to chase after the red dot from the laser toy and would growl at anyone who messed with him while he was playing with it. He was so sweet otherwise - only the laser toy brought out this side of him! He was very shy but loved his momcat Mamacita and followed her everywhere. We miss you so much Manny and think of you every day!

Don't forget to stop by on Wed. the 17th for the big St Pat's/Darby Gotcha Day celebration! Everything will be should be cool. Mom is still feeling poorly so bear with us while we try to catch up - we still need to pick up some awards and post them! She is getting so behind - we may need to hire a substitute to replace her if we want to keep up to date with our blogging!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Easy Sunday

This is me, Joe, and I am all snuggled up in the cube with Rosa. Mom and Pop both are sick with the flu thingy - Pop got it last week and Mom came down with it too. So... we haven't been able to blog much.

Boy with the computer virus and the bean virus - what is going on with the "bug" around our house? Before I forget...just want to tell you all that we are having a big celebration for St. Pat's Day and Darby's Gotcha Day on Wed. the 17th this week. Come on by to join in the festivities!

Happy Sunday - we will be napping big time and taking care of the beans! Mom will be by to visit you all when she feels a bit better!



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