Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thankful Thursday - Baby Doll's Trip

Today we are thankful for our Pop, for friends like Donna and Marg who do all they can to help homeless cats.

Some of you already know that Mom's friend Donna offered to adopt Marg's Baby Doll (Marg's Animals blog )  who she has fostered for over a year. Marg has tried for quite a while to find another home for Baby Doll who has been living in her spare bedroom cuz she did not get along with other cats.  If any of her outside cats got sick, Marg had no place to put them with Baby Doll in that extra room.

Well, today is the transport day and since Mom has to work, Pop is doing the actual transport to Marg in South Carolina and then back up with Baby Doll to Donna's in North Carolina, about an hour from our house.  You may remember Donna - she adopted Panther, the black cat Brian from Brian's Home worked so hard to save after almost being euthanized twice!

Donna worked wonders with Panther and he is now part of her cat family living the life of Riley as the expression goes.  We know she will do as well with Baby Doll.  She has a big house so Baby Doll will have her own room for as long as it takes to integrate her into the household - it took Panther 8 months.  We hope Baby Doll will be faster but Donna has great patience and a way with cats.

We will update this journey as it unfolds today  - stop back often for the latest news about where Pop is with baby Doll.  He left Asheville at 8 am for a two hour drive to meet up with Marg.  Stay tuned for more.....

9:45 am UPDATE - Pop has Baby Doll and Marg is on her way home.  Yay!  Marg will email us to let us know  she got home OK!   Pop will text again as he gets closer to Donna!

11:30 am UPDATE - Still waiting to hear from Marg that she got home OK!  Getting a bit concerned.

11:55 am UPDATE - Marg emailed that she was home safe and sound. Looks like Pop is running early and will be meeting Donna before 1 pm.

1 pm UPDATE - Donna now has Baby Doll and is headed to her forever home with her.  She promised to take pics as soon as she got settled so we can see her in her new home.  Marg was sad to see her go but this is a good thing. Pop is on his way back to us. It is a happy done deal!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Mancat Model Monday with Snowball

Loved on 365 Project
Love - Snowball loving on his Pop.

We want to thank you all for your kind words, cards and messages about our sweet Yoko. Mom is still getting back to everyone to thank them personally.

Snowball is our model today and he has been having some rough times. A few days after we lost Yoko, he became obstructed and we had to bring him to the vet for enemas.  He did real well with all the procedures and finally hours later got down to business only to become blocked again a few days later.  Back to the vet again on Friday and he got another enema plus fluids.

So far so good - he has been able to move his bowels.  It looks like we are on a protocol of chia to keep regular, special goats milk with added probiotics, lactulose to soften  and pumpkin for fiber. It is working but we will have to give him fluids every few days to help move things thru. 

Thanks so much for all the suggestions and advise from those who have been there.  We hope to have things working smoothly soon.  The vet mentioned megacolon as something that may be going on or not.  Time will tell on that one.  We appreciate all the purrs and prayers for our dear boy.

We are waaay behind on our cards so expect them for New Years!  The tree is up and with lights on it when Mom did that for Yoko but she has not had the heart to finish decorating it.  It will be a toned down quiet holiday this year.  But that is OK!



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