Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Calling Batman?????

We are holding an auction until Jan 30 to raise funds for Snowballs hospitalization for urinary blockage.  Stop by here and bid on great stuff.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snowball Update and Auction

On a better day!

Snowball is home but very freaked out by this whole ordeal.  He is feral after all and not easy to handle normally.  He must have been very doped up or frightened at the vet cuz he did not give them any problems. They loved him and thought he was so easy!!! HA!!
Today so far he has been hiding under a chair in a cat bed.   He ate, peed and pooped but keeps away from us.  I did get his meds in him - for infection, muscle relaxant. Still have to give him something for his constipation and take the tape off one of his legs.  I got one off where the IV was but the pain patch is still on him. 
I am looking up and ordering homeopathic remedies for blockage to have on hand in case.  No more dry food, fish, grain or veggies in his wet food.  That will take time to sort out the best can food.  he needs to lose weight as well. My research says that horsetail grass is good for reoccurring UTIs and he does get L-methionine and herbs to prevent crystals.  He is on Transfer Factor Plus for immune support.  We may use bottled water..and oh yea... digestive enzymes, slippery elm and aloe for constipation.  Hope all this works!
At the vet - not a happy camper!
 Thank you for your ideas, concern and purrs!  This whole UTI issue is even more scary as I lost a cat a few years back from the vet not being able to get the catheter in and at the time had no ER vet nearby - it was a very small rural town and during a blinding January blizzard! I took Manny home rather than leave home rather than leave him at the vet if no one was going to be there to monitor him and he died in my arms.  he was only two.  I don't want that to happen again!
.My kitty fund is depleted after this and Joey's cancer last month so I have set up an auction blog.  The auction runs thru Jan 30 and has some new things on it as well as things from my sale blog.  Go check it out and share - I need all the green papers I can gather up!  Snowball's Auction Blog
P.S. I have not been by to visit everyone to thank you personally.  I will now that Snowball is home.  It has taken all my time to get him taken care of, set the auction up and let everyone know.  The next few days will be very quiet I hope so I will be by! 



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