Friday, March 2, 2012

Welcome to Mom's Birthday Commentathon!

Georgie is practicing singing Happy Birthday to Mom while I (Joey) watch for guests to arrive

All us kitties at Wildcat Woods are throwing a super birthday party for Mom today. Since she was born in the 1950s and is in her 50s - we decided on a 50's Sock Hop as the theme!  So girls, get your poodle skirts, cat's eye glasses and scarves - guys get your white t's and roll up the jeans and let's party!

 Help yourself to the cake, burgers, milkshakes and popcorn and get ready to dance the night away 50s style!  Welcome to our Sock Hop!

Sweetpea's doing a crazy break dance - wrong era Sweetpea!  It's the 50s!!!!!  (Too many milkshakes..::sigh::)

Click on the video for a taste of a real sock hop!!!

Before you leave, do make sure you comment - Mom is donating 50 cents for each comment to our blogging buddy Marg from Marg's Pets. She has had a lot of vet bills recently with spay/neuters, sick pets and just regular vet check-ups. Please join us in helping her out and wishing our Mom a very Happy Birthday!!!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Snowball in his box.
Sorry - it has been a long week between posts.  First off we are very thankful that our sweet roly ploy Snowball is recovering nicely from his UTI.  Mom caught it very early and he went right on antibiotics.  He will be getting two other remedies - Tripsy from and homeopathic PetsAlive UTI Free for a while too.  Both will help keep him free of UTI's.  Plus his weight will have to come off - no more dry food even the better quality. The added weight and being male makes him more predisposed to UTIs. All the whitesters will be eating Wellness canned food from now on.  Mom is weaning them off dry food now.  So far so good.

We are very thankful we have gotten to know our sweet friends Sammy, Andy, Shelly and Sierra and their Mom Judi.  Judi has not been well and could use some big big purrs and prayers.  We enjoy their blog very much.  Judi could use some support - if you would like to use snail mail to send her cards and notes, ask me for her address.

We are thankful for all our blogging friends - you guys are super.  We have never met such a supportive group of pet lovers in all the world.  Mom has been lurking even tho she has not been posting and keeps up with all of you!

Finally, our mom is having a commentathon to celebrate her birthday this coming Saturday March 3.  Please mark your calendar for the date and stop back by for the fun party and to leave a comment.  The money raised will got to help a dear friend of ours  that we have been to visit - well Mom and Pop and flat Chica got to go.  Anyway - March 3 everybody!

Happy March!  Our yard is full of daffodils of all sizes!  Enjoy!



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