Friday, June 19, 2009

It's International Box Day!!!!!! (and Camera Critters)

Today has been declared by cats all over the world as International Box Day and in celebration we are all boxed up......

Norm is enjoying his view of bird TV from the shade of his box!

Mamacita likes the World's Best Cat Litter box - we got a free sample from Drew!

Georgie prefers to sit on the box even tho I cut a hole in the front and put a fluffy towel inside for them to have a safe hiding place.

As a youngster Chica liked to sit inside the fish tubs my husband got from the restaurant where he was chef. May be smell was the main attraction!!?

Tabitha is a quite a box girl - she likes to nap in them - sometimes I can't find her and I will look in all the boxes and cubby holes and there she will be, sound asleep.

Minnie likes a tight squeeze - the smaller the better!

Here's Joey in a snuggly box in front of the heater during the cold winter months.

Happy Cat in the Box Day!

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Camera Critters

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Two Spot, Only and Smidge

Another rainy stormy day - nap time! Thanks for waking us up with the flashy box Mom!!!!



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