Friday, June 11, 2010

Forever Friday - Franzia

Meet Franzia...

I was a mom with kittens that was dumped at the shelter. All of my babies have found homes and now it is my turn. I am very sweet and loving, and just want my forever home. Please adopt me today! If interested call Sarah at 828-713-0325

I met Franzia at the local Petsmart and she is beautiful, very loving and sweet. Please help find her a home.

Remember June is Adopt a Shelter Cat help her out. You can find her and many others at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue - a great no-kill shelter in Asheville, NC. Just click on the tab Adopt for a list of all who need homes.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing......

For more quiet posts...check out Wordless Wednesday!

Kool Seniors Kitty Club Members....

We have lots of senior kitties at our house. Mom says it is like a nursing home for cats here...we all need special care, food and monitoring but she doesn't mind. We give her lots of love, cuddles and lap time in return. A big thank you to Sam and Andy for these cool badges!

Yoko is 17 this year and little Sweetpea is 11.....

Minnie and Joey who are littermates are both 11.......

Ivy is 12 (could be more but we don't know for sure) and Darby is 10.....

And last but not least is Chica who will be 19 this summer. Since Mom found her in the winter we don't know for sure when her birthday is so we are going to pick a day in the next few weeks to celebrate! Make sure you come back for the party!

Monday, June 7, 2010

White Mancat Monday

Snowball here. It's time to focus on us white mancats this week...enough of the senior kitties! I am the head mancat (Al thinks he is but I know who is).

This is Two Spot, the hyper one of us. He zips around, zip, zip. Never stops!

Norm is the manly silent type...always there but very quiet and dignified!

Only is our special boy - he is very shy and loves his Mom. Whenever things get a little too busy here, he hides in the cabinet. You can here the bang, bang, bang of the door when he tries to get inside! ....well, Al. He is pretty laid back these days, for him that is. We are going try one of those Calming Collars on him. Hope he lets the beans put it on him. We will keep you posted if it many folks have said it was great. Keep your fingers (or paws) crossed!

And lastly of us white mancats is Sam..he is another quiet one. If you bother him in his hidy place he will hiss and growl but don't mind that. He is a sweety..just likes to be alone!

That is it for today. Mom and Pop have been busy replacing all the screens on our porch this past week. Mr. Bear torn a few of them last year trying to get in! Mom will try to catch up on her visiting...she is getting WAYYYYYY behind! Sorry about that. We cats take a lot of time to take care of!



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