Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Memories - Chica

Mom Cheri here today - It was a year ago today (on my birthday) that our dear Chica got her angel wings.  We were lucky to have had her for a three months short of 22 years.  Such a long time to have a special heart cat. Enough time has passed that memories of her bring smiles and laughter at all of her quirks and endearing personality.

She loved to go to town on the toilet paper roll in the bathroom, tearing it to shreds.  It was months into last year that my husband realized we no longer had to hide the roll of toilet paper so Chica couldn't get at it. We can put the roll on the stand like normal people now.

She was fearless - nothing fazed her, not even the vacuum cleaner!  When other cats ran in panic she just calmly looked up.  If we stuck the nozzle near her,  Chica would put her face in it!

She loved to play and taught the other cats to go get toys out of the basket we kept them in.  Her favorite was that suede mouse in the picture above.  Or a ball - she could jump and catch balls when we tossed them at her.

Angel Chica napping

When I am missing her too much I have Callie our newest, to comfort me.  I really think Chica had a hand in bringing her to us.  Since we moved here 6 years ago I have not had to rescue a single cat - not one crossed my path at home or work until Callie, who wandered up to me late at night when I was leaving work. (For Callie's story click here.)  What struck me then was how much she resembled  Chica from the back.  Even tho Callie is a calico, her back is a black tortie color like Chica's.  When I see Callie curled up napping, she looks just like Chica and I smile.

Callie napping

Thinking of you every day Angel Chica and remembering fondly, all of the special moments we shared. .I know you are always with us as our guardian angel.  Until we meet again.....



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