Friday, August 13, 2010

Photo Hunt - Orange

Mom may have used this picture before but since we don't have any orange cats we gotta use our orange Garfield cat bed for our Photo Hunt this week - the clue is orange! We like to cuddle up in it when it is cold outside! Very snug and great for brothers to hang out together in. And it is special cuz it was a git from our Grandmommy who is no longer with us. Thanks Grandmommy!

Be sure to visit Photo Hunt for more orange pictures!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fragrance Free and Forever Friday

This is Eureka, an older kitty available from the Animal Compassion Network. Eureka, Einstein, and Mocha are siblings who have lived together since 6 weeks of age. Life has been fine until recently when the economy tanked, and along with it went home. Eureka has lived with other cats and dogs, likes being held, and is very affectionate. She likes to knead your lap to show her love. She would be a great lap kitty alone or with other kitties.

This is sister Einstein, She is a bit of a loner, but dogs and cats are okay. If you don't want a clingy cat, but like a calm presence, she's your kitty!

Mocha is a looker--more Espresso than mocha latte, but just as yummy in kitty land! Mocha is really all cat--friendly, then quiet. She dictates the pace, and the pace can be love all the way. This senior would love to be adopted with siblings Einstein and Eureka, but a single home is good too. Cats and dogs have been in her life, and that is okay as well.

Please share their stories and help us find a forever home for these lovely older sisters - hopefully keeping them together!

Mom just found out that Aug 13 is Fragrance Free Friday and since we don't use any chemicals in our house (Mom has allergies) we thought we would share this info with all since chemicals can harm pets too.

SeaYu, makers of environmentally safe cleaning products has declared chemicals in fragrances unlucky on this Friday August 13! They are asking all of us to refrain on this day from using any chemical based fragrance whether it is cosmetics, air freshener or cleaning product unless they are environmentally safe.

According to their press release - Animals have faster metabolisms and smaller lungs than humans, so not only are they processing harmful chemicals used in the home more quickly, they are also breathing them in at a faster rate. Because animals are closer to the ground, they are more often in direct contact with these harmful substances making Fragrance Free Day of special importance for pet owners everywhere.

Fragrance Free Day gives concerned consumers a chance to help spread awareness of the dangers associated with fragrance/chemicals in personal care and household cleaning products. This awareness campaign comes at a time when, according a recent report by ABC News, “Congress and the cosmetics industry are both calling for tighter regulation of the chemicals used in cosmetics and other personal care products due to concerns over possible carcinogens and other toxic ingredients.”

For more details on Fragrance Free Friday click here. Let's make Friday the 13th a lucky one for us all!
P.S. in honor of Friday the 13th Minnie our black cat is featured on Black Cat Friday at Ollie's blog - go visit and say hi!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tabitha on Tabby Tuesday

Here I am playing a fun game. It's called "attack Mom's feets under the covers." It's a lot of fun bu sometimes I guess I get carried away.
"What Mom?" "Don't Bite" she says. But that's the best part - that along with bunny kicking the feets. Oh well I guess I have to settle for cuddles and scritches instead. Have a great day ya'll!
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