Saturday, April 24, 2010

Watching for Obama

The President and his wife Michelle are in town this weekend and we are all watching for them!

He is staying at the hotel Mom works at and she saw him briefly last night - playing golf and eating dinner. We heard they went to a BBQ place and then for a hike after.

Mom had Pop drop her off at work to avoid all the stop and search events but he came back to drive her home and got to go thru the car search with the dogs. The FBI guys asked Pop if he would mind if they planted a bag of gun powder on the car to give the dogs something to do and keep them alert. He asked if it was a trick and they smiled and said no. So they hid the bag on the car and let the shepherd mix dog find it - he did and got lots of praise for his work! Pop thought it was cool.

There have also been rumbling noises of jets flying overhead all night and day! Lots of excitement here. Happy Caturday to you! We will keep you posted!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Hey there - Ivy here today. It's Earth Day isn't it? Pop is an old hippie and Mom has been a nature lover since the beginning so they do a lot to help Mother Earth daily! Here are some ideas they use to celebrate Earth Day everyday!

Recycle your pet food cans - most areas now have recycling stations to bring those used cans. If you are like us and have lots of cats - those cans can add up!

Buy natural and environmentally safe litter - we use World's Best Cat Litter made from corn but they have litter out there from pine, wheat and old recycled newspaper. Pick one and try it!

Use your own bags when you shop - don't use plastic bags unless you have to. They just don't break down and end up being around a long time.

Buy fresh local foods in season and avoid packaged foods if you can - we have lots of farms nearby for fresh eggs, cheese, meat and produce. Pop is a Chef and he doesn't like packaged foods so unless Mom sneaks in a mac and cheese in a box we make our own.

Grow your own foods organically - Pop has had a garden forever and uses things like kelp and fish emulsion for fertilizer. He buys his compost and soil enhancers form local stores and not the big chains - they say they are organic but have harsh chemicals in them. Pop uses straw for mulch and even uses straw to plant in (he is trying straw bales gardening this year). Our beans even grow wheat grass for us!

Shop at consignment and thrift shops - we are tough on furniture and stuff so Mom decorates like Shabby Chic with funky flea market stuff that looks better all banged up. She also gets used cat condos, kitty beds and towels and blankets for comfy bedding at these stores. She likes vintage clothes and buys a lot of her stuff there too.

I bet you can think of lots more things to do each day to help keep our planet healthy and green for a long time! Happy Earth Day from all of us at Wildcat Woods.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Pop left his T-shirt from the local BBQ place on the back of this chair and Darby moved right in. Couldn't resist!!!!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Trading Places with Al and Two Spot

Two Spot here..even tho our days are warm and sunny the nights are still cold so Mom has left the plastic cover up on our screen porch. On really warm days she pulls down the corners and opens up the vent doors for us to get fresh air. I got myself a good spot here on the cage - great view of the birdfeeder!

Uh oh, here comes that scapegrace, Al. I don't like to mess with him. He wants my spot I bet!

Yup - he thinks he can just take whatever he wants! I don't want to fight about it today - I am a lover cat not a fighter! I'll find another spot and Al can have this one. Anything for peace.

Al surveys his kingdom at Wildcat Woods.

Today's new word for the day is

scapegrace\SKAYP-grayss\ , noun;
1.A reckless, unprincipled person; one who is wild and reckless; a rascal; a scoundrel.

Hope you all have a peaceful day. (Mom likes to read and learn new words so this may be a regular feature on the blog... )
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