Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Mystery to Solve....

Chica keeping watch in front.

We are all on introoder later cuz there have been some funny things going on outside our house.

While Sweetpea keeps an eye out back.

One morning last week Mom noticed the bird feeder was missing from the branch on the tree in front. She went out and the hook it hung from was pulled down straight.  She looked all over the yard and did not see the bird feeder so she headed up into the woods behind us.  Not expecting to really find anything, she noticed something shiny under a tree a ways off the path - it was the bird feeder - empty but still OK.

The woods behind our house.

The feeder!!!!

She took it back to the house to clean it up and refill it, noticing teeth marks on either side of the plastic - one BIG hole and an indentation on the other side.........what do you think it was?

Sorry about the fuzzies - Mom was so shook up!

A black bear!  Mom never saw it but has had them visit before and this is what they do - either bend the feeder pole down to get the feeder or pull straight down to get it and then take it with them when they leave. The teeth hole was the final clue!  No more feeders left out at night from now on!!!

UPDATE - we still have some sick kitties that could use purrs.  Yoko had a really rough week last week and we thought we were going to lose her but she is doing much better on different antibiotics.  Snowball is better but Only has a UTI!  We wonder if it is the litter, water, food or something causing everyone to have this!!!



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