Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thankful Thursday - A Kong Review

Callie checks out the package from Kong
A few weeks back we were asked to review a package of kitty goodies from Kong.  We are always thankful for free samples to try out.  We never seem to have enough green stuff for all our needs. Well the package arrived and we got a cardboard scratcher, tub of catnip and a package of treats.

Lily wants to try the treats.

 We opened the treats right away.  Mom had been looking for some kitty treats to replace Temptations which we love but Mom says the ingredients are not what she would like to be feeding us.  Kong Moist Treats are made from duck, chicken, cranberries and blueberries and no wheat, corn or soy or icky preservatives or colorants.  Most of us loved the Kong treats - Ivy scoffed them up so fast  we couldn't get a photo of the treats and her.  But others like Only did not care for them and left them uneaten.

Ivy licking the floor after she ate the treats.

Only did not want his Kong treats.
 The Kong scratcher on the other hand went over very well.  Two Spot went right to work on it as soon as Mom put it down.  We needed a new one for the cat house so it worked out well.

Two Spot getting a work out on the scratcher.
Our neighbor cat Jack even got to try some catnip and he gave it paws up!  So overall it is a paws up on the three items from Kong - Mom will get some Kong treats for us to eat instead of Temptations!

Jack likes the Kong catnip



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