Saturday, May 29, 2010

In Memory...

This has been a sad week for Mom and Pop. They haven't much felt like blogging. After Grandmom passed we found out this week that Mom's best friend who was like her sister died unexpectedly of heart issues. Kathy was only 59 and left two young daughters behind.

We don't live near Kathy's family but she did come to visit us and loved critters. She met Chica and Yoko in Florida when she visited us there. They have three cats in their home who will miss Kathy for sure.

Mom and Kathy went to college together and had lots of fun double dating. They could wear each other's clothes and would always swap them. Kathy had a great sense of humor and loved to laugh..she had a twinkle in he eye that was contagious! Kathy was an only child like Mom so they became real close.

When Mom got her first job in Connecticut after college she lived in Kathy's family's beach house until she found a place to live. Kathy was living in Boston and working too. Mom was close to Kathy's mom Ellie who would come by the beach house and hang out with Mom. Mom's parents loved Kathy like their own too and loved to have her come by.

Kathy got married and moved to Maine and had two little girls. Mom had moved to Florida with Pop so they kept in touch with notes, cards and phones calls..lots of phone calls. Kathy was who Mom would call whenever there was something new and exciting or a problem she needed help with. Kathy was like her big sister.

We have been helping our Mom by sitting on her lap with her and purring for her. Mom is thinking of making a blog to honor her friend Kathy and to let everyone tell their stories about her for her daughters to have to remember her by.

Mom will be back to blogging next week as usual. Thanks to all of you who stopped by this week and offered condolences for Grandmom. We really appreciate everyone! See ya next week.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sad News....

Our Pop's mom, our Grandmom, passed away this past Sunday. She was almost 90 and had been in a nursing home for the past number of years. The photo above was from her 50th Wedding Anniversary in the late 1980's.

Since we were her only grand kids from our Mom and Pop we were called her grandkitties. This would make her smile! Our oldest kitties Chica and Yoko know Grandmom well...they used to sneak in her room when she visited us and pull all the tissues out of her tissue box and shred them. She couldn't figure out how that happened and never suspected us cats! Heehee

Lou Ellen was born in Texas and lived there her whole life, raising three boys. She was a tough spunky lady, honest, outspoken and with a hearty laugh! She always dressed beautifully, everything color coordinated. In later years, she and Grandpop got to travel a lot overseas and all over. Mom and Pop took them lots of places when they came to visit us.

Grandmom volunteered at the local hospital in Texas with Grandpop. Grandpop Sam passed first about ten years ago.

We will miss her and hope that she is with Grandpop at the Bridge, having fun with all the older folks - her family and friends who have already gone.

Bye Grandmom!



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