Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Wanderings

Flat Iron Building downtown Aheville

Sculpture of flat iron

Sky Bar on the Flat Iron Building
Since Mom has closed our other blog, moving it to Facebook and some of the followers are not on Facebook, she wanted to share some posts about life in the mountains.  So hopefully we will post weekly (maybe) about what the beans have done during the week.

8th floor

Looking down to the 7th

7th floor

This week our post is about the Sky Bar on the 6th, 7th and 8th floor fire escape of the Flat Iron Building downtown Asheville.  The building was modeled after similar buildings in other cities and built around 1920-30.  The Sky Bar is on the fire escape and Pop is known far and wide for his fear of heights so this was a hard sell to him.  He loved it once there. After all the 8th floor s hard a skyscraper!

It is all very mysteriuos - you have to know where the bar is.  There is only a sign next to the old fashioned elevator expalining about the bar - but then it makes it sound like it is a private club so most still won't think they can go up.  The elevator is run by a young man who asks for an ID and then explains the bar - they even have one of those old metal gates on the elevator that he has to close before you go up or down. 
Lounge on 7th floor

Once up, there are more signs to tell you where to go and what to do.  There is an indoor lounge on the 7th floor but otherwise it is all outdoors.  Waitresses appear out of no where to take your order and disappear again.  We opted for the 8th floor for a better view facing north. Marble surfaces offer a place to set your drinks and the floor is plated steel sheets so you can't see down below.  No food is served - just cocktails, beer and wine. You can bring your own food and dine at the bistro tables on 7th floor. 

Mom said it was breezy and  cool and fun.  This is for sure the second best place to view the sunset downtown altho they had to leave before that - Pop was worried about all the people coming for sunset that he didn't want to be on the fire escape.  Oh well - some other day and without him!

Grove Arcade

Wall Street restaurants

One of many Art Deco buildings

The lovely Smoky Mountains

Almost sunset

Hope you enjoyed this and we will see you next week for more of the Carolina Mountains!  Have a super weekend!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Mamacita and Rosa's 7th Gotcha Day!

Mamacita on right and me on left.

Rosa reporting today Thursday Sept. 27.  It's our 7th Gotcha Day - wow!  We have been inside for 7 years and Mom thinks we are about 7 years old altho Mamacita being my mom may be 8 since I was born in the spring.  Our human mom found us outdoors and I was a very sick kitten with a URI.  She had to trap us to bring me in for medicine.  Having to take pills and get eye ointment when I first came in made me very shy around beans. But now we are two fat and happy black cats who love being loved altho we can still be a bit shy too.  Any noise or new thing and we are gone - hiding under da bed!!!

We are always together and love to snuggle with each other.  I adore it when Mamacita grooms me but I do get too excited and she has to whap me to calm me down.  She keeps me in line with a firm paw, even at my age.  I guess I am lucky to have my Mom with me and have beans who take good care of us.

Please help yourself to the party foods - a very special choice of tuna cakes, niptinis and caviar - being older now we are having a very adult party!

And for some action mice!    Enjoy!



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