Thursday, October 21, 2010

Forever Friday with Sparkles, Moonie, Alice and Possum

Fellow blogger (daily dose of dogs (aka cats with your coffee) and animal lover, Chrystal and her family run a privately funded rescue operation in the Midwest and have several wonderful animals up for adoption - she needs to find them homes so she can take more homeless animals into her shelter.  Please open your hearts to these very deserving and loving cats (and dogs) and give them a home or help pass the word on to find them homes.  You can contact Chrystal and read more about them at her blog here

Lover boy Moonie is a year old. He gives kisses and willl do anything to get your attention -  drop onto his side in front of you, roll around at your feet, climb into your lap.  This guy craves attention. If you want a little buddy and great companion, this is the cat for you.

Alice is an absolutely beautiful cat.  She is almost entirely white, with a wildly colorful tail.  Some think she has the markings of a Turkish Van.  She is cautious with people and other cats, at first.  She needs a home with  patient “parents” who will let her adjust at her own pace.  Once she gets to know you, she slips over for attention and starts purring.

If you like white cats, you will love Possum (neutered male) who has golden eyes.  Now 6 months old, he looked like a little possum with his tiny pink nose when they took him in.  Possum is an extremely handsome little guy.  He loves people, seeks out attention and gets along great with all of the cats in the cathouse.  If there is a lap available, he will be the first one in it.

Beautiful little Sparkles was born in July 2010.  She came to live here with her brother Ash who has been adopted..  At first, she was afraid of people but she has opened up and adores being the center of attention..  Sparkles lives up to her name in her personality and is a play hog - never stops.   Not yet spayed.  (Spaying would be a requirement of adoption.)

Location is not an issue - if you would like to give one of these great cats a home, Chrystal will find a way to get the cat to you somehow.  She also has dogs available so be sure to visit her blog and follow along in her day to day animal rescues.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Just Hanging on Wordless Wednesday

Please check out more Wordless Wednesday post here. Happy Tocktober! It is Derby's birthday today so go join the party!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Falling Slowly......

To get the full effect of these pictures, please click on the You Tube video first...Mom is not very savy with adding music to her blog yet. We have some very perilous pussycats napping...falling slowly.....

By the way, Mom loved the movie..the two stars really fell in love and wrote all the songs themselves. They won an Oscar for this one.



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