Thursday, July 25, 2013

Al Got A Spa Day!


I am hot, my furs are getting mats and I can't take it anymore.  I want a spa day!

I am on a hunger strike until I get one!

I got one too!  Mom called the mobile groomer and set up an appointment for me for a bath, cut, eye and ear wash, nail trim - the works!  She was worried I would not be a good patient cuz I am deaf but I loved it.

 Here is the AFTER shot.  Sorry I am sleepy.  Mom gave me a calming homeopathic remedy just in case I was naughty for the groomer.

 What do ya think?  Mom didn't want a lion cut but this is a kinda close shave - I got my hiney shaved and my belly to keep me cool and clean.

I think I did pretty good and look very handsome after the spa day!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Woody on Mancat Monday

I have a very special drinking technique but I don't think Mom really likes it much!  I stand with both front paws in the water bowl and lift one paw and slurp the water off it.  Makes the water tastes soo much better! Do you have an interesting eating or drinking habit?

Our friend, I am sure you know her, Julia Williams has started a personal cat blog called Purr Therapy - she needs some followers so do go by, visit and sign on!  Purr Therapy

One more thing - Mom has joined a photography group online where she posts a photo a day. (  Now she wants to share the pics of us since she has sooo many photos now.  On our Facebook Page she will be posting a photo a day of us  - come on by and follow along.  The link to the FB page in on the sidebar!



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